Review: Cupid Parasite: Sweet and Spicy Darling is Delicious

When Cupid parasite Launching on Switch, it doesn’t hesitate and speaks outstanding, are often silly love stories. Currently Cupid Parasite: Sweet and spicy lover here to continue the routes from the original otome game and add two more, it’s just as silly and stylish.

Meat of Cupid Parasite: Sweet and spicy lover is featuring new TV Episodes and bonuses for Allan Melville, Gill Lovecraft, Peter Flage, Raul Aconite, Ryuki Keisaiin and Shelby Snail. After Drama stories all begin after happy endings Cupid parasite otome game, with Lynette having close relationships with other characters. You choose “sweet” or “spicy” answers to respond to them, bringing up different scenarios that could be cute or sexy. So there usually aren’t too many “bad” endings and you mostly experience different types of romance, although there are some exceptions. Then reaching the end of the story can unlock further Bonus Episodes for lovers.

All of these routes are generally quite interesting and often well thought out. I was surprised by how much I liked Raul and Ryuki’s story, because they weren’t my favorite characters in the original game. Some of them felt like perhaps they went in directions that didn’t always take into account plot points or character development in the original, such as Shelby’s. I also appreciate that some out there elements from the original made their way into the storyline for Allan and Peter. I also don’t mind the Bonus Episodes being locked after After Drama, because I feel like it makes sense in this situation.

There’s also the matter of Merenice Levin. While 90% Cupid Parasite: Sweet and spicy lover Involving new moments with existing characters, his story is completely new. It was a case of Lynette immediately falling after the general route in the first time Cupid parasite otome game, makes you pretend that any character development or other romantic developments ever existed. He has his own “gimmick” like the others that cause him trouble, which in this case is using a donut like a crystal ball to see the future. I felt like it had its moments and could be funny at times, but the pacing felt a bit rushed compared to the original routes. That, coupled with the way Merenice pursues Lynette, makes it hard to find the romance as genuine as some others.

I will say that even if one of the additional origin stories doesn’t turn out exactly as you wanted or expected and Merenice doesn’t agree with you, Idea Factory International and Otomate didn’t miss the moment to show up. Cupid Parasite: Sweet and spicy lover is as poppy and gorgeous as the original. I love the user interface elements. The use of color throughout is excellent. There’s also some absolutely amazing CG here. I think I can even say that I like the event visuals in this sequel more than in the original otome game.

The main downside, aside from some narrative choices in the main After Drama routes and Merenice probably not being to everyone’s taste, is that Cupid Parasite: Sweet and spicy lover has a more limited audience than some otome games. If you haven’t played the first game, you need to play that first. There’s no way to jump into this and still have a good time, because they’re so tightly tied together. I finally got one of the few “bad” endings while going through one of my previous favorite routes, and it made my entire experience with that love in this section worse bad.

Cupid Parasite: Sweet and spicy lover There’s clearly more to it, and those who enjoyed the original Switch otome game will be satisfied. New routes build on existing characters in typically entertaining ways. I will say that someone’s opinion of Merenice may vary, as it seems a bit forced compared to the silliness of the first game. However, there’s plenty here for those who love Shelby, Peter, Allan, Ryuki, Raul and Gill.

Cupid Parasite: Sweet and spicy lover is coming to Nintendo Switch on May 28, 2024and the original otome game is immediately available on the platform.


Cupid Parasite: Sweet and spicy lover

The sweet and bitter romance of a former goddess continues in the sequel to the popular otome visual novel, Cupid Parasite. While working for Cupid Corporation, Cupid, the goddess of love, strived to become a top bridal advisor. During her toughest mission yet, Parasite 5, Cupid (known as Lynette Mirror on Earth) was able to overcome unexpected obstacles, but not before falling in love with one of the guests. your goods! Now, a new chapter begins. Can the new couple survive the unforeseen challenges? Converted version is considered. Evaluation copy provided by the company for testing purposes.

As long as you played (and liked) the original Cupid Parasite otome game, you’ll find Cupid Parasite: Sweet and Spicy Darling very enjoyable.

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