Silent Hill 2 Dog Ending Reference Merchandise

During that time Streaming Silent HillKonami has shared some of what’s coming next Silent Hill 2 remaking products that we can buy and the ending of the dog is mentioned. There are also goods from HIll silent: Short message.

Here are some of the goods that will be available:

  • Set of table placemats and coasters
  • 1/6 scale Inu End coin statue
  • James’s jacket
  • Lakeview hotel key ring
  • Limited edition coin puzzle set
  • Purple elephant key card
  • Pyramid head coin
  • Nendoroid pyramid head
  • Robbie rabbit pin badge
  • 1/6 scale Sakura Head statue
  • Seal of the Metatron medallion
  • shadow box

Of these items, we only know the product’s price and release date. Silent Hill 2 Shiba Inu dog statue ends the coin bank and Sakura head statue. The Bank will be priced at 32,000 JPY ($203.90) and will be available sometime between November and December 2024. The Sakura Head statue will be priced at 54,780 JPY ($349.05) and will be available around period from September to November 2024. You can also download or stream the Silent Hill: Short Message on multiple services, such as Apple Music and TikTok. Akira Yamaoka, who worked before Silent hill The film’s title includes the second book, who composed the soundtrack.

Silent Hill 2 remake will launch on October 8, 2024 for PS5 and Windows PC.

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