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Mountain peaks loom in the distance. The wind whips past your ears, muffling the crunch of snow from your footsteps. Then you feel it – a rumbling noise under your feet. Beat. Develop. The vibrations traveled through your legs to the sword in your hand.

Something big is coming.

Images of snowy landscapes, filled with ruins and fallen weapons. In the foreground, several armored enemies raise axes and swords, preparing to attack the player. Standing tall behind them was a giant monster dragging a giant ball by a chain along it.

Skydance Games set a new standard for intense, grounded VR combat with our previous title, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. For the next game, the team wants to tackle new challenges. We believe there is a large-scale experience that only VR can achieve. How far can we push that?

We designed this dark fantasy to push the boundaries of what’s possible inside a headset, creating a grim new world full of mystery and dangers large and small. When you enter the Forsaken Lands, one thing is clear: You are not welcome here. Everything and everyone wants to kill you. Are you brave enough to move forward?

Our team is proud to present Skydance’s Behemoth, launching fall 2024.

Expand the world scale

The Abandoned Lands are epic. The bones of a once great civilization protrude from the harsh terrain. Mountains stretch across the horizon, casting shadows on the land below. Huge towers obscure your path as you hunt for the Behemoth’s hidden lair.

Everything in this game is designed to correspond to Behemoths. It’s important for players to be amazed by the size and scale of each boss. You are literally fighting a mountain.”

  • Brian Murphy, Game Director, Skydance’s Giant creature

This image shows a ruined castle built from a mountainside stretching to the sky above. Mist filled its lower part, while a flock of birds soared across the rooftops.

The abandoned land is your glove and hunting ground. Armed with a grappling hook and unnatural grip, you’ll climb, pull, and spin your way up or down walls, towers, and cliffs. Overcome barriers that block your path, explore nooks and crannies to grab hard-to-reach items, or grab unsuspecting enemies and throw them into the abyss.

A POV shot. Inside a wooden tower, players aim and fire their grappling hook towards the grappling point. In their right hand, they raise a sword, ready to attempt to deflect an arrow fired by a nearby enemy, who is drawing his bow while standing on a platform directly above.

But don’t be complacent. One step in the wrong direction could spell disaster for you. Push too hard into the Forsaken Lands and they will push back.

Hunt or be hunted

Although it appears desolate at first glance, the Forsaken Lands are inhabited by looters and fanatics. To them, you are an outside threat, an opponent who must be executed. You can’t reason with them, so you have to find your way to victory by any means necessary.

Skydance’s Behemoth brings a new twist to our signature physics-based melee combat system.

Building on our work on The Walking Dead games, we’ve continued to develop our gore and dismemberment tech systems in a way that players will truly enjoy.”

  • Peter T. Akemann, Chief Technician, Skydance’s Giant creatureThe Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

A POV shot. The player swings the ax with one hand at the attacker right in front of them, while clutching a dagger with the other hand. Behind their opponent, another enemy has loosened their bow, with the arrow grazing the player's head.

Your enemies are not mindless zombies, they are strategic and talented warriors. Always be alert. Take advantage of every weapon you can get your hands on. Block, parry, chop and slash to sap their strength. Then smash the skull, drive the blade through the heart, sever the limbs, and sever everything in between.

These tortured inhabitants have succumbed to the ancient curse that destroyed their former kingdom, the source of the bloodlust that plagues the Forsaken Lands.

That curse grants you explosive supernatural powers that can turn the tide in battle. Why? For now, it’s a mystery to you. But it’s an advantage you’ll need against enemies that outmatch all others…

Conquer powerful Behemoths

You have come to the Forsaken Lands to end this terrible curse before its wrath ravages the afterlife. Behemoths are evil fleshlings, their size and strength matched by their rage. The only way to end the curse is to kill them.

A POV shot. In the midst of a blizzard, the player looks above as a giant monster strides by, the monster's head bowed to observe the small figure at its feet.

I cannot overstate the feeling of fighting Behemoth in VR. We talked a lot about the “wrinkle factor” of each encounter. When Seal swings that flail and hits the ground, your adrenaline will skyrocket. That’s what we’re after, an intuitive response from our players.”

  • Brian Murphy, Game Director, Skydance’s Giant creature

Many have hunted Behemoth before you. They all died trying. As you battle these mountain monsters, every skill you’ve honed over miles of harsh terrain and many (many) buckets of blood is put to the test. Face your fears, push yourself beyond your limits and you can kill the unkillable. Only then will the darkest secrets of the Forsaken Lands be revealed…

So who’s ready to go hunting?

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