Sonic Team Boss Really Wants to Make a New Sonic The Hedgehog RPG

Miss Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood? You may not know it for many reasons, but the DS game was the first Sonic the Hedgehog RPG — and the last.

However, in a recent interview with Good Vibes GameSonic Team boss Takashi Iizuka has spoken about his desire to create an RPG starring Sonic, admitting that he wondered “Why haven’t we made a Sonic RPG all this time?” It seems like Iizuka-san may have forgotten about Sonic Chronicles, but we’ll forgive him—it was developed by BioWare, after all.

Iizuka-san told Good Vibes Gaming that he “really likes RPGs. The RPG format is fun.” And with the Sonic series being over 30 years old, Iizuka wondered why Sega hasn’t “made a Sonic RPG” yet. At least he hopes:

“So I’m hoping to work on a Sonic RPG at some point before I retire from Sega. But you know, that’s just a dream at the moment… no concrete plans at this point.”

The topic came up when one of Good Vibes Gaming’s subscribers sent in a question about Sega’s talented RPG developers; Atlus, the developer of Shin Megami Tensei and Persona, is a subsidiary of the company, and RGG Studio — the team behind Like a Dragon (Yakuza) — is another division within Sega.

So this makes perfect sense. Sega has a pretty good history in the genre too, with both Phantasy Star and the Shining series being two of its classic franchises, albeit the latter through its release.

Sonic’s pace might not seem like a good fit for the methodical turn-based combat of a traditional RPG, but we quite enjoyed Sonic Chronicles at Nintendo Life. However, critical reception wasn’t exactly positive, so perhaps with Sega and Sonic Team at the helm, a second attempt at a Sonic RPG might be much more well-received.

Last summer, Did You Know Gaming spoke with some of the people involved in developing the DS RPG and discovered some never-before-seen details about the potential sequel.

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