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Dear Pioneers, greetings from the Honkai: Star Rail development team. Today, we’re excited to share details about Honkai: Star Rail version 2.3, Farewell Penacony. This update introduces the highly anticipated Stellaron Hunter, Firefly, as well as an important IPC character, Jade. In addition, under the guidance of Mr. Screwllum, a new update in the Simulated Universe – Divergent Universe – will also be released.

After inheriting the Watchmaker’s Legacy and embarking on a new Path of Harmony, the Pioneers awaken in the real world after the climactic battle with Mr. Sunday. Now, the sudden end of Charmony Festival has left The Family’s reputation severely damaged, with countless delicate issues needing urgent attention. In response, in addition to the Oak Family, the major families are preparing strategies to deal with the consequences. In Trailblaze Mission version 2.3, the Express Crew will be invited aboard the Radiant Feldspar, taking to the skies above Penacony to witness the important discussions of the Family firsthand.

Meanwhile, on Radiant Feldspar, a new project in the Simulated Universe, Divergent Universe will be carried out under the guidance of Mr. Screwllum, using technology from his home planet to bring about improvements move towards gameplay. For example, the Arithmetic Mapping function in the Divergent Universe test removes character download limitations. If the character’s level is lower than the current Balanced Level Limit, it will automatically increase to meet the limit. The update also introduces the Equation feature, where combining buffs from two different Paths will grant the corresponding combat ability once the required amount is reached. Additionally, when faced with failure in Different Universe, Pioneers can now restart challenges without having to stop the game. With the new Restart Challenge option, players can regroup and give it one more try.

In the upcoming patch, Origami Birds will also make their way into Radiant, bringing a new mini-game. In this video game challenge, the Pioneer must achieve an elimination goal within a certain number of moves to increase the Bird’s Fighting Power. During the Origami Bird Clash event, Pioneers can not only participate in Story Challenges but can also freely battle with friends from across the universe!

After spending some time with Trailblazers, we will discover more about Firefly in version 2.3. Firefly is a member of the Stellaron Hunters, originating from the long-destroyed world of Glamoth. Once a prosperous and expanding empire, Glamoth was devastated and ravaged by the scourge caused by the Swarm. Firefly, a young girl encased in a mechanical armor known as SAM, was created as a weapon against the invasion. Unfortunately, she suffers from Loss of Entropy Syndrome due to genetic mutation. Driven by her quest to find meaning in life and challenge fate, she joins the Stellaron Hunters to further fulfill her goals and calling.

As a 5-star Fire-type character, Firefly possesses great power. After using her Technique, she can summon her SAM armor and jump into the air, moving freely, SAM attacks all enemies within a certain range to engage in battle. Each wave of enemies can have Fire Weakness forced on units without Fire Weakness, lasting for a certain number of turns. In the heat of battle, SAMs will operate in two forms. In her original form, using her Skills consumes HP but also replenishes her Ultimate energy. The less HP a Firefly has, the less damage it does. Furthermore, upon activating his ultimate, SAM will enter his second combat form – the Burning Full Burn state! Besides stronger basic attacks and skills, her Speed ​​Break and Weakness effects are also enhanced. The disruption damage caused by SAM will increase until the countdown for Complete Burn ends. One aspect worth mentioning is that this state not only demonstrates the power of the SAM but also provides the player with a unique perspective from inside the cockpit of the SAM mech. In this light, Firefly’s steady gaze embodies her fiery spirit, capable of igniting starry seas.

Another 5-star Quantum Type character, Jade, is set to have a standout debut. As a senior manager of the IPC Strategic Investment Department and one of the Ten Hearts of Steel, she is recognized by Foundation, Gem of Credit. Cool and elegant, Jade is a skilled moneylender and has a deep understanding of the human heart. Her personal favorite, Bonajade Exchange, highlights her patience in waiting for high-value acquisitions through pawning assets and her ability to extract value from her customers. seems poor.

Jade’s skill allows her to form a binding agreement with a single ally, turning them into her Debt Collector and granting them enhancements. What’s interesting is that if she chooses herself as a Debt Collector, the only enhancement will apply. Each attack made by Jade or her Debt Collector accumulates Charges for Jade. Once fully charged, Jade unleashes her next attack against all enemies. However, her ultimate executes the terms of the deal with unyielding precision, damaging all enemies while enhancing her next attack.

It’s worth noting that the limited 5-star characters — Ruan Mei and Argenti — will appear in events occurring in the first and second half of version 2.3, respectively. Their formidable strength ensures they will remain powerful allies in your future adventures.

That summarizes our insights into Version 2.3. While there are still many surprises to come, we’ll keep this update short and sweet. We hope you enjoy your space adventure, that Firefly and the new Simulated Universe have surprises for everyone, and look forward to seeing you next time.

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