The #1 “counter-intuitive” advice for job seekers in today’s market

When Brianna Doe isn’t busy Build your own marketing agency, Verbatim, she is offering free coaching and mentoring to job seekers.

Some of the job seekers she works with have been looking for a new job for more than a year, if not longer, she tells CNBC Make It: “The job market is ridiculous.”

According to the numbers, the US labor market is… strong on paper with low unemployment rate and high job opportunities. But the new job search experience is still difficult For many people faced with so-called ghost job listings, lengthy interviews or compete for early career roles.

For those looking for a job, Doe has important advice: “It might be a little counterintuitive, but it’s really just get away from your computer.”

To start, she said, “I understand you need a job; you need money. I don’t want to take that away.” That said, she also emphasized that “it’s important to prioritize your mental health.”

That could be as simple as turning off your computer at a certain time each day, going for a walk, getting some fresh air, or doing “free or affordable things that bring you joy,” Doe explained.

“Just make sure you’re finding some balance,” she adds.

Taking breaks during your job search can benefit you in the future.

“The more time you spend sitting in front of the computer filling out application after application, it can really start to get on your nerves and then that will affect interviews as well,” says Doe. .

In addition to being mindful of your mental and emotional help, Doe also recommends being strategic about the resources you seek out for help.

She often refers people to ADP List, a free networking platform that connects mentors and mentees across different industries.

“You don’t have to spend money” to have experts review your resume, help you practice your networking and interviewing skills or offer other career advice, Doe says. “You can find someone who is actually willing to help.”

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