The 25 best shows on Netflix to watch right now

We’ve all been overwhelmed by streaming TV options, only to give up and watch something we’ve already watched. But this curated list of the best shows on Netflix is ​​here to narrow down your choices and help you find Exactly Which title would you like to sample next?

The titular BoJack (voiced by Will Arnett, is now the host of a hugely successful podcast not intelligent), in the 90s, was the star of the hugely successful family sitcom called Around. During the 2010s, it became almost impossible for him to continue his acting career. As part of his comeback effort, he hires Diane Nguyen (Alison Brie, has a new limited series, Apples never fall, recently premiered on Peacock) to rewrite his memoir, drawing her into his world of substance use and depression. It really is a comedy! Paul F. Tompkins deserves special attention for his work as BoJack’s one-time sitcom rival turned nemesis, a Labrador retriever named Mr. Peanutbutter.

Many apocalyptic stories revolve around characters who decide not to go out without trying experiences that have always scared them. IN Carol and the End of the World, from Rick and Morty producer Dan Guterman, The titular Carol (voiced by Martha Kelly) really wants to act as if her life won’t really change at all—despite the coming apocalypse. The voice talent in this quietly beautiful play includes Beth Grant as Carol’s mother, Bridget Everett is Carol’s sister, and Michael Chernus as a potential love interest. If Prime Video Fall out too intense for you, try this much gentler vision.

Before Bob Odenkirk is the chair of the English department of a university in AMC Lucky Hank, Hey Sandra—whose latest show, Sympathetic personrecently aired on HBO—is the chair placed on many better University English department in Netflix original limited series Chair. Ji-Yoon (Oh), the first woman to run the department, takes over just in time for her widowed friend, Bill (Jay Duplass), falls into chaos in the classroom, causing a scandal that Ji-Yoon has to deal with instead of enacting the changes the department really needs. Excellent performances make this one of the best comedies And Best TV series on Netflix.

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