The Barbz celebrate Nicki Minaj’s release from police custody

The Barbz are standing 10 feet below because Nicki Minaj after she was released from police custody in Amsterdam.

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The Barbz celebrate Nicki’s debut

As The Shade Room previously reported, Nicki Minaj was arrested on Saturday (May 25).

The Rapper ‘FTCU’ hopped on Instagram Live after landing a flight at the airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In a short clip from the livestream, a police officer can be heard accusing her of “carrying drugs.” Nicki denied the accusations but the police officer still told her to get into the police car.

Just hours after Nicki was introduced, her fans stood outside her hotel in Manchester, England to celebrate. The queen returned to Instagram Live once again to share a sweet moment. Nicki doesn’t appear in the video, however she does show her fans standing in the street with lights and signs.

Nicki then said during the live broadcast, “I want to know where they went. Where is the party? DJ Booth, where is the party?”

Barbz eventually responded by screaming “I love you” and then continuously chanted, “Nicki is free.”

Nicki responded to them in a British accent, saying, “I love you too, I love you, I really love you”

“Let me tell you, this is just for Barbz. If you could see how ugly I look now. I’m serious and I swear I don’t care. And I love you, I love you so much.” she continued.

Social media reacted with support for Nicki

The Roomies will definitely participate Shade Room comments section to share their thoughts about Nicki’s fans. Several social media users have praised her for having one of the most solid fan bases.

Instagram user @sugliteworld wrote, “Barbz are truly one of the most iconic fan bases ever.”

Instagram user @_suckafreesi wrote, “Now close that window before they start climbing up the fire escape.”

While Instagram user @divavilson_ wrote: “She is loved in real life, don’t play with her anymore.”

Instagram user @isaiah_jaay wrote, “Lmao she’s so iconic. It was like 2 a.m. and they were out there strong.”

Instagram user @djjayerica then wrote: “The Barbz beat Beyoncé Bey Hive at this point, this is kind of Michael Jackson.”

Instagram user @chay_relf wrote, “For me it’s a British accent. I love her.”

Finally Instagram user @binostillthuggin wrote, “I’m sorry but you all don’t want to meet Nicki. The number of stars she has speaks for itself.

Details of Nicki’s arrest in Amsterdam

According to The Shade Room, Nicki Minaj has kicked off the European leg of her ‘Pink Friday 2’ tour. Barbie Barbie is said to be opening the gates of ‘Gag City’ on May 23.

However, when Nicki arrived early Saturday morning, authorities attempted to arrest her for drug possession. She recorded the entire encounter on Instagram Live. Police eventually instructed her to leave with them, but Nicki asked for a lawyer before complying with their demands.

As the video continues, authorities seem to explain that it will help escort her to the performance. But before doing so, they needed her to comply with their demands.

Nicki went on to talk about the international encounter on X, formerly known as Twitter. The ‘Moment 4 Life’ musician explained that a man told her that her luggage needed to be searched. She later accused people of being paid “huge amounts of money” to repeatedly try to sabotage her efforts.

“They were paid huge amounts of money to try to sabotage my tour because a lot of people were mad that it was so successful and they couldn’t eat me. They were caught stealing money from my trip/jet. Fired. Crazy. Et cetera,she wrote on X.

Furthermore, between her on X. Minaj said authorities allegedly found weed in her luggage. However, she explained that the early videos were in her confidence. The ‘Big Difference’ artist explained that the incident only delayed her scheduled flight to Manchester, England.

Amsterdam authorities also summarized the incident on X, saying that Nicki was detained on “mild suspicion of drug extortion.”

Now that everything is resolved, the Barbz family is happy to know that Nicki Minaj is safe and sound. They have flooded social media saying they are ready for the ‘Pink Friday 2’ tour to continue.

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