The best Nintendo Switch puzzle platformers

The switch has one lots of platformersand a Lots of puzzle games, and that extends to puzzle games. If you’re raising your eyebrows and saying, “What are you talking about, you can’t combine these as if they were ice cream flavors,” then stick with us. That’s one thing, we promise.

Instead of games that focus entirely on running and jumping accurately or just using your mind to find clever solutions, these games combine the two to create quite a fascinating effect. . Often you will pause at some point to chart a path forward, combining skill with wisdom. Puzzle game players also often have a strong approach to storytelling, making them a relatively impactful experience when at their best.

Below you’ll find our picks of the puzzle-platform games currently available on Switch. This selection is presented in no particular order and will continue to grow and develop over time. We will also continue to check for suggestions from readers in the comments section and from our team, as quality games in this genre appear regularly.

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