The changes in FFXIV Red Mage and Sage Dawntrail are exceptional

Anyone who ever was Final Fantasy XIV Players of a few expansions may know that Square Enix is ​​not immune to mistakes. While the game is nearly perfect as an MMORPG, its biggest problems come from the strange and often unwarranted job changes. Luckily for you Dawn trailit seems FFXIV Job changes may be more welcome, especially for Sages and Red Mages.

Personally, I’m very interested in the changes to Red Mage and Sage, as both are my two primary jobs in FFXIV. Red Mage is the character I usually use for endgame content when I don’t want to be a healer, while Sage is my main role in story content. Luckily, it looks like that won’t change in the new expansion.

Previously, I used Summoner between launch and for several expansions, until it was ruined by a job change. Luckily, Red Mage and Sage seem to be doing better. Dawn Trail FFXIV. Get the Red Mage, yes two important changes. The first is to make Manafication work better for players. Instead of granting 50 Black and White Mana, it now only allows players to use three-step sword combos for free.

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This means you can use the Verholy or Verflare combo for free like always but without the mana cost. Additionally, one of the most useless parts of Red Mage – Enchanted Moulinet – is now usable. It uses 50 mana so it can be used as an AOE attack. Overall, it seems like these changes enhance the Red Mage’s power in the game FFXIVall without taking away from what makes it great.

I’m still curious to see if Manafication comes with its buff, but either way I’m confident. Red Mage’s skill rotation is now even smoother. After all, you don’t need to obsess so much about having a perfect 50 and 50 black and white Mana meter before using Manafication. Also, if you’re like me, you don’t need to ignore Enchanted Moulinet because of its uselessness. This makes Red Mage a much better class at both single targets and mobs.

When it comes to Sage, this is my favorite healer for a reason. It is the perfect combination of DPS and healing, and it Dawn Trail FFXIV change more than that idea. For starters, Eukrasia now properly boosts damage over Dyskrasia duration. This new version acts as an AOE damage over time, affecting multiple enemies at once.

If you’re like me, you’ve spent too much time trying to deal damage over time to multiple enemies and not enough time doing what you’re supposed to do. This fixes that problem so our Sages can focus on what really matters. The other important change is the new action that gives Kardion to everyone in the party. It seems to be limited in how it works with a long cooldown if I had to guess. That said, it’s nice to be able to temporarily extend all of Kardion’s healing abilities to everyone.

All FFXIV Sage Dawntrail job changes
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These FFXIV Sage changed jobs in Dawn trail will ensure it is the most versatile healer around. Sometimes, you can focus entirely on DPS because the new action will heal any damage you do to everyone. Additionally, the new AOE damage-over-time skill means you deal damage much more often and much faster.

While there are other great job changes for the new expansion, I can comfortably say that Red Mage and Sage have gotten some of the best changes. These FFXIV Red Mage and Sage changed in Dawn trail may not be as drastic as others. However, they don’t have to be. They enhance the existing strengths of both jobs while addressing some of the weaknesses. If you are looking for a DPS or healer to main Dawn trailI definitely recommend Red Mage and Sage.

Final Fantasy XIV currently available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Dawn trail will release on July 2, 2024.

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