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The club launches its stunning new San Francisco lounge

San Francisco’s newest airport terminal is getting its first Priority Pass-enabled lounge.

On Tuesday, Airport Dimensions revealed a new Clubhouse location will open at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) Harvey Milk Terminal 1.

The space is more than 12,000 square feet and can accommodate 249 travelers, making it the Club’s largest and most luxurious venue to date.

Ahead of the opening, Nancy Knipp, president of Airport Dimensions, the company responsible for The Club network, exclusively revealed to TPG what visitors can expect from this LEED Gold certified facility .

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“I think we’ve really raised the bar for this product with what I call authenticity and localization, really capturing the Northern California spirit of the lounge,” she said.

Read on for all the details about what the Club calls its “signature venue”.

Club at SFO location and access

The Club at SFO opened June 26 at the airport’s Harvey Dairy Terminal 1. The club will be open daily from 4am to 11pm

Regarding accessibility, travelers with Priority Pass will be able to access the lounge for free. The same is true for hand-held advertisers LoungeKey member. (Both Priority Pass and LoungeKey are owned by The Club’s parent company, The Collinson Group.)

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For most TPG readers, Priority Pass will likely be the preferred method of access. After all, many of us Top recommended credit cards Priority Pass membership included.


The late June opening couldn’t be more timely, as many of the existing Priority Pass options at SFO are restaurants, which will no longer covered by some of the most popular Chase credit cards as of July 1.

Knipp said the Club is also in talks with potential airline partners “from the Asian market” to offer free access to select premium passengers, but nothing has been done yet. confirm.


The outpost will also sell day passes online and in person. The cost of a day’s passage is unknown; We will update this story with details as they become available.

Clubhouse at SFO layout and design

While current The Club locations may not be known for their design, this one could change that reputation.

Based on photos alone, The Club at SFO is the best location in the entire category of 20 lounges in the United States.


“Travelers will really feel like they just stepped out of the airport and into somewhere in Northern California,” Knipp explains.

The club collaborated with Corgan to design the lounge, which is rooted in the outdoors and inspired by the redwood forest.

For example, canopy ceilings are designed to create the illusion of sunlight filtering through the leaves. We’ll have to visit for ourselves to conclude what it looks like, but based on the photos, this is a night and day difference compared to other outposts of The Club.


Locally curated artwork lines the lounge’s halls. There’s even a mural in the dining area depicting panoramic views of the redwood forest.

SFO Dining Club

The club is partnering with Santa Rosa-based Foley Family Wines to help curate the dining experience — both in terms of what you eat and what you drink.

In a nod to the region, the lounge will exclusively serve wines from Northern California and dining options will feature locally sourced ingredients.


Unfortunately, the menu is not available before opening.

Notably (and perhaps regrettably), The Club will not have a takeout station like you see at other popular airport lounges like Capital One Lounge.


As for why, Knipp explains that “the balance that you have to find there for a company like Airport Dimensions is not to get into a situation where you have to compete with concessionaires in the terminal.”

Clubhouse at SFO amenities

This lounge also excels in the amenities offered.

First, the lounge has a unique micro-climate heater that we haven’t seen at any other airport. The temperature-controlled space is designed for campfires using steam and special lighting.


The lounge also features dedicated work and relaxation areas with special seating designs designed for these spaces.

Also provided: showers, available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Finally, with wellness such an important part of the Northern California lifestyle, The Club boasts two fitness mirrors (with workout equipment) to help you quickly break a sweat on the go.


There are also three luminescent rooms equipped with adjustable color temperature lighting to promote wellness.


And there’s even a relaxation room for those who prefer to relax in solitude.

Of course, the lounge also offers all the basics, with power outlets, USB ports and Wi-Fi available throughout the space.

The club is at the crux of the SFO

The Club at SFO is certainly the most ambitious venue the network has introduced. With its stunning design, variety of dining options, and long list of amenities, this space will likely prove popular with travelers passing through SFO.

That can lead to overcrowding during rush hour, especially considering how many tourists passing through San Francisco have Priority Pass-eligible credit cards.

To manage overcrowding, Knipp said the lounge will launch a new QR code-based waitlist system to help you get in line. However, you will need to go to the waiting room to scan the QR code.

“That’s something we’ve rolled out in our UK lounges and it’s been really well received, and it’s a lot better to manage that process and a lot more flexible for customers,” Knipp explains. often go to the waiting room.

Hopefully overcrowding won’t always be a concern as it can happen. will be a space worth visiting.

After all, Knipp said it best: “It’s a lounge like no other, certainly in San Francisco. And I think it’s also one of the top lounges in America.”

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