The Kuro game will greatly optimize the howling waves

Game Kuro has announced Some future adjustments will be made to Howling Wind and Waves to optimize player experience. It thanked players for the feedback they gave through social media and in-game surveys, as well as apologized for the problems that existed during the launch process.

While Kuro Games has developed and released Punish the gray crow in the past, Howling Wind and Waves is “the first independently developed and globally published game”. This may explain the existence of some pressing problems, such as audio errors and translation errors. Here is a list of some big changes that will happen in the future:

  1. Develop resonance
    In Version 1.1, you will need fewer Shell Credits to evolve your Echo. The cutscene when you receive rewards from Tacet Field will no longer be in the game and the production of Echoes and Echo development materials will increase. There will also be a Waveplates storage system in future updates.
  2. Reward system error when recycling Echoes development
    Kuro Games fixed an issue on May 29, 2024 where the Shell Credits players received after recycling an evolved Echo were incorrect. Kuro Games later removed the additional Shell Credits from players who had received them, offering compensation. However, Kuro Games did not notify players of this change and apologized for this. It will compensate all players with 1,000,000 Shell Credits. Players will also receive 20 Crystal Solvents as an apology for the poor Echo system.
  3. 5 star weapon description
    This is a reference to a Japanese issue in which the description of Jiyan’s signature weapon contained a Serious Errors that changes its effect. Kuro Games will correct this translation as well as any other languages ​​that may have translation errors in skill effects. All players will receive a one-time compensation of 5 Forging Tides.
  4. Version event
    Kuro Games is redesigning the rules and reward program for the Overdash Club event. It will introduce a new event called Howling Wind Discovery that will provide new rewards and content to improve the player experience. This event will take place from June 13 to 27, 2024.
  5. Optimized combat and control
    In response to feedback about players’ experience in combat, Kuro Games will change and optimize a number of issues related to character control. PC versions of the game have Combat Camera Correction disabled by default. The attack range of certain bosses is different, and future updates will feature Disconnect Warning. It also expands the anti-ghosting touch area around buttons on mobile devices, with further optimizations coming in future updates. Custom keybindings will be something players can do in League tier 2, and there will be a tutorial for new players. Future versions will have control mode on mobile devices.

Kuro Games addresses several other issues present in the game, such as audio bugs and performance issues. It will continue to optimize player experience based on internal feedback Howling Wind and Waves in future updates. You can read everything in more detail via the official website.

Howling Wind and Waves To be available on Windows PCs and mobile devices.

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