The Mieruko-chan manga does a great job of building up the mystery surrounding Michiru

Mieruko-chan is an interesting type of serialized manga, as the main episodes can sometimes feel like they have slice-of-life elements, or sometimes you can jump in at any time. (Not to mention we also get things like Mieruko-chan’s official manga collection.) But as the series continues, we start to see more threads come together and things are shaped by new relationships, leading to some truly intriguing mysteries as Miko Yotsuba solves them. everything. With the ninth volume of Mieruko-chanwe’re actually learning more about what’s going on with Michiru Ichijou.

Editor’s note: There will be spoilers for events in episode 8 of the series. Mieruko-chan manga, as well as light references to the events of volume 9.

Michiru, a teenage model, joined Miko’s class before episode 9. While everyone was enamored with her beauty, Miko seemed to be the only one who noticed something was wrong. Her entire head was obscured by some huge, shapeless, black face with black veins growing out of it. Therefore, she could also see that Michiru’s behavior was a bit off. Rom tasks Miko with retrieving Michiru’s photo for further investigation, although Michiru’s sister/manager Yoh insists it is impossible.

While previously we mainly saw Michiru from the outside in the manga, Mieruko-chan Episode 9 gives us our first chance to really see what’s going on in the model’s personal life. Honestly, it’s just as shocking as the revelations we’ve seen about her Soul Form. This entry begins with a shocker showing how close Yoh is to his sister/employer. The degree of control and helicopter properties involved. So much so that I felt the coldness of the model in the previous chapters could have been a reaction or even a trauma reaction due to the excessive control over her life. It even makes me wonder if, rather than being a potential villain, if she’s someone who is easily influenced or has a supernatural secret due to being a victim.

So much so that when we see her confiding in her pet and her obsession with Miko, it feels like a learned reaction to being exposed to Yoh for so long. How can someone know how healthy relationships work when they don’t have good role models and they don’t have opportunities to socialize. Of course, that kind of obsessive behavior directed at someone, as well as not being allowed to do things on their own will cause them to become awkward or misbehave.

But the insights don’t just help us learn more about Michiru and make the mystery surrounding her behavior more intriguing. We also get new insights into her spirit form and abilities thanks to Miko’s increased interactions with her. We see them together at school and at Miko’s house with Hana and Yuria during a study session. This means we see how the other spirits react to her and her potential power. The extraordinary insights gleaned from those moments there make what is happening to this young woman all the more curious.

Of course, what really kicks things up is the ninth episode of Mieruko-chan The manga ends with a startling transformation around Michiru. We spent an entire episode learning more about what her life is like, as well as seeing new interactions with Miko that hint at her abilities. It then closes with a situation that promises more revelations, and maybe even danger. It seems like we’re close to getting some truth, but at the same time Miko and maybe even Michiru could be in danger.

Episode 9 Later Mieruko-chan The manga is available now and there is no English release date for volume 10 yet.

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