The new Digimon Guilmon and Veemon figures are sold as a set

Bandai Namco announced upcoming Digimon Figures will include Guilmon and Veemon, which will be sold together. The duo will launch worldwide in December 2024, and it’s one of the more budget-friendly sets due to its $25 price tag. Both are C level awards in the upcoming Japanese exam September 2024 Ichiban Kuji.

Here’s the official announcement, which includes official photos of both upcoming products Digimon data. Although they are both 1.9 inches tall, this is only because Guilmon is sitting. (Normally, that character will be taller than Veemon.)

While both Guilmon and Veemon appear multiple times Digimon video games, both are notable for appearing as the characters’ counterparts in the anime adaptations of the series. Guilmon is Takato’s partner in tamer series. (He also appeared in Xros War.) Meanwhile, Veemon is paired with Daisuke in Adventure 02.

It’s no wonder that silhouettes of both characters appear. MegaHouse released one of the Veemons with Daisuke in 2017. MegaHouse also has one appearing in its DigiColle line. Likewise, MegaHouse has the character Guilmon accompanying Takato. That also first appeared in 2017.

The Digimon The Guilmon and Veemon figure sets will be released in December 2024. Both Adventure 02 And tamer The animated series is streaming on Amazon in select regions.

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