The new Vash Trigun Stampede Jacket is coming soon to SuperGroupies

SuperGroupies has announced its second product line Trample Trigun Garments include the new Vash black jacket, as well as other items inspired by Wolfwood and Knives. The collection is available to pre-order now from SuperGroupies North America And Japanese store frontage.

Pre-orders will end on June 9, 2024, and items will be released in Japan at the end of September 2024 and the United States at the end of November 2024. Below is the full list of products Products Trample Trigun items available as part of the new SuperGroupies apparel line:

Vash’s new black coat is inspired by its appearance at the end of the series. first episode belong to Trample Trigun. The jacket features a patch with the Project SEEDS logo on the front and an interior pocket that simulates the synchronization screen between Vash and Dao decorated with geranium petals. The boots and purse also feature Vash-inspired motifs. You can refer to Vash products here:

Meanwhile, Wolfwood’s coat is inspired by the priest’s own appearance. A label on the neck features his iconic Punisher weapon and the inside pocket has a blue patch that mimics the brand of Skulls cigarettes he smokes in the anime. Additionally, Wolfwood’s wallet also features the Punisher. As for Knives’ wallet, the outside features a knife-inspired pattern and the inside includes a cyan pocket as well as a vignette depicting him and Vash playing the piano as children.

And here is the rest of the collection:

The first line of Trample Trigun SuperGroupies costumes arrives mid-March 2023, and it includes a new version of Vash’s iconic red coat, as well as other items inspired by Nicholas D. Wolfwood and his brother and villain Million Vash’s Knives. Most recent, two supergroups Blood transfusion see have received a reissue in stores in the US and Japan, and they are currently in stock.

Second letter Trample Trigun The SuperGroupies collection includes the new Vash, Wolfwood and Knives products, which are available for pre-order now and will release around the end of September 2024 in Japan and the end of November 2024 in the US.

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