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The State Department issues a safe travel warning ahead of Pride Month

The federal government is urging worldwide caution and vigilance at popular tourist destinations amid what it says is a potential threat of violence against LGBTQI+ tourists.

The US State Department issued a confidentiality order alarm Friday’s warning about the possibility of terrorist attacks, protests or acts of violence against American citizens. Specifically, the State Department is warning that pride celebrations and locations frequented by LGBTQI+ people may be at risk.

“The Department of State is aware of the risk of increased violence perpetrated by foreign terrorist organizations against LGBTQI+ people and events,” the State Department said in the warning shared on social media platforms. your association.

The warning comes just a week before the traditional start of the summer tourist season and just before the start of widespread Pride Month celebrations in June.

It also comes just a week after the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the US Department of Homeland Security issued the warrant General public service announcementsimilarly warned about the possibility of foreign terrorist organizations targeting Pride events and venues in June.

Should tourists be concerned?

Despite sharing the serious concerns in Friday’s warning, it To be It is important to note that the State Department did not elaborate specifically threats or circumstances have triggered this advisory.

At the same time, the department told TPG, it is aware of “longstanding messages by foreign terrorist organizations encouraging attacks against LGBTQI+ people,” including during Pride celebrations.

The agency provides a continuous and robust range of travel advisories that essentially cover the entire world. And it often issues safety warnings and reminders ahead of major tourist seasons and amid emerging unrest-related situations.

For example, before each past spring travel season, the Ministry reminds visitors to Mexico common sense safety measures to avoid becoming a potential victim of crime.

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It also issue a global safety warning in October amid violence in Israel and Gaza.

In addition, the Department maintains travel advisories for each country in the world, assessing the level of potential risk based on factors such as the likelihood of kidnapping, crime, unlawful detention and—for a some regions of the world — specific dangers for LGBTQI+ travelers.

Notably, Friday’s warning for June appears to include worldwide travel.

The state department has one The guide is full of advice and considerations for LGBTQI+ travelers traveling abroad.

Here are some additional tips for your 2024 summer travel, including trips that take place during Pride month.



The State Department urged travelers visiting popular tourist destinations, including Pride celebrations, to remain vigilant and pay attention to their surroundings.

This is always a good habit when traveling or venturing into crowded areas for any reason.

Sign up for the ‘STEP’ program

The agency also recommends that travelers sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. STEP allows travelers to receive information and alerts from the nearest consulate anytime, anywhere. This is a very useful tool to have if you have an emergency abroad — it can also help travelers easily locate it if needed. More about that in our guide, This.

Group travel

Just like at home, whenever possible, traveling with a friend or group can be safer than traveling alone.


Research your country

As mentioned above, the State Department issues travel advisories for each country and shares safety concerns specific to each destination.

In some countries, advisory notices highlight the potential for violence against LGBTQI+ travellers.

You can search for your destination at this link.

Plan ahead

If you’re going to a busy event in a dense urban area, you should typically have a master plan for how to get back to your hotel or rental property — and a backup plan, too. For example, Uber or Lyft might be your “Plan A” — but what is your backup plan if your phone breaks or cell phone service is unreliable?

While smartphones have made it easy to find walking directions on the spot, it’s not a bad idea to study a map of your destination so you at least have a general understanding of the geography.

Visit a highly rated hotel

Do your homework when booking a hotel room to make sure it fits your trip — both in terms of comfort and safety. TPG has a huge library of hotel reviews and guides from properties across the globe, including first-hand testimonials and images of what a particular property looks like — including location and safety factors.

Share your journey with someone back home

As always when traveling abroad, you should share your itinerary – and any subsequent deviations – with a trusted friend or family member back home. This includes the hotel or rental property address where you are staying, flight number and a scanned copy of your passport information page.

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