The Street Fighter 6 character appears on the Samsung M.2 SSD box

ITG Marketing revealed that they have released a new branded Samsung 990 Pro package box Street Fighter 6 character in Japan. Boxes are available for both product models with And Not available Additional heatsink.

The box will be 175 mm (~6.889 in) high and 180 mm (~7.086 in) long. The four horizontal sides of the box will feature Ryu, Cammy, Ken and Chun-Li. ITG Marketing has also verified that the Samsung 990 Pro M.2 SSD is compatible with PlayStation 5.

However, the actual drives inside these boxes will not be there Street Fighter 6 pre-installed. Instead, the company suggests owners use the case to store other related items, such as physical game cases, console accessories, and objects. goods related to the title.

ITG Marketing does not specify the exact price but only refers to “Open price”. However, 4 gamers gathered the average price per sample box from the Japanese stores that sell them:

  • 2TB without heatsink: 27,480 Yen (~$176.24)
  • 4TB without heatsink: ¥62,480 (~$400.72)
  • 2TB with heatsink: ¥29,980 (~$192.27)
  • 4TB with heatsink: ¥66,980 (~$429.55)

Street Fighter 6 It also won’t be the first game with characters appearing in a Samsung M.2 SSD box. ITG Marketing exhibition room page reveals that the company has previously revealed the boxes based on Old ring, Dragon’s Dogma 2And Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

The Street Fighter 6Branded Samsung 990 Pro cases are currently being sold in limited quantities in Japan.

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