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This Airbnb ‘Inside Out 2’ will make you feel all the emotions

“Inside Out 2” is now in theaters — and Airbnb is bringing the second installment of the Disney and Pixar hit to life in a once-in-a-lifetime stay at the “headquarters” of Joy, Pain Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust, plus some new teenage emotions like Anxiety, Ennui, Envy and Shame.

Hosting this ultimate Airbnb is Joy, the “Inside Out” sensation played by Amy Poehler — and joy is certainly the emotion this incredible staycation is sure to evoke in the lucky ones have the opportunity to check in there.

Inside Airbnb (or Team Riley HQ), there’s plenty for guests to do, including a scavenger hunt that “may unlock some secrets,” munching on pizza with different toppings Express different emotions, play air hockey (because hockey is Riley’s favorite sport), create your own memory sphere and take over Riley’s control center.


The Airbnb has two bedrooms, including a bright yellow room that is clearly Joy’s, plus two bathrooms; it can accommodate a total of four guests. There’s also a blue room for Sadness, the core memories floating around the walls, a red room for Anger, and a purple room for Ennui, the feeling of boredom. or “blah”.

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A part of Airbnb’s recently announced Icon portfolio, the “Inside Out 2” headquarters will be open for 15 one-night stays from July 1 to July 16 for the incredible price of $0 per night, aka free. Transportation to Las Vegas, where the Airbnb is located, is not included.

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To have the opportunity to experience many emotions at this undoubtedly iconic Airbnb, Visit Joy’s official Airbnb listing between June 18 and June 22 to request a stay.

But even if you don’t get a chance to stay on this unique Airbnb, there are thousands of others to book, including most loved assets on Instagram from 2023.

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