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This travel offer can help you reach elite status 4 times faster

Want to level up your cruise line’s loyalty program at four times the speed? If you’re a Princess Cruises fan then you’re in luck.

When you order one Princess package For cruises departing between August 1 and December 1, you’ll earn double the usual amount of cruise credits. The credits are one of two ways passengers can achieve elite status as defined by the airline. Captain’s Circle loyalty program. (The alternative – travel days – is not affected by this promotion.)

Tourists go on a cruise with the Princess Standard accommodation between those dates and purchasing a Princess Plus or Princess Premier Package will receive two travel credits per trip instead of one. Both plans include extras like Wi-Fi, gratuities, meals at specialty restaurants, beverage packages, fitness classes, and up-priced desserts.

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Cruise credits are then used to determine loyalty status:

  • Yellow: After your first completed ride
  • Ruby: After three journey credits
  • Platinum: After five credits of travel
  • Excellence: After 15 credits of travel

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Here’s the kicker: Passengers who book a luxury suite or pay a single supplement to sail alone in a two-person cabin will be awarded double the cruise credits under the regular program. As part of this promotion, the cruiser sailing alone or book a suite of rooms and purchasing the Princess package will earn four times as many travel credits.

Let’s say you’ve never traveled together Princess before and you book a cruise in a suite or travel alone in a standard room under this promotion. The four cruise credits you earn will then let you skip Gold status entirely and go straight to Ruby for your second cruise.

If you entered the system as a Ruby on a qualifying cruise and earned four cruise credits, you’ll reach Platinum status on your next cruise.

While each level has some attractive offerings — such as credit codes and access to integrated members-only events — Platinum is the level that really delivers value. It offers priority boarding on arrival, 50% off internet packages and discounts on spa treatments, among other perks.

Princess has introduced its add-on packages to provide options for travelers looking for a more all-inclusive fare. Year 2023, Princess package extension The offer includes items that were previously free for all cruisers and will now cost money without purchasing the package.

The Princess loyalty acceleration offer valid on sailings departing between August 1 and December 1. Either package must be added to valid bookings no later than two days before departure.

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