Truecaller launches ‘AI Call Scanner’ to identify AI-generated voices during calls

Truecaller, the popular app known for its caller identification and spam blocking features, has unveiled a new feature called ‘AI Call Scanner’. This feature equips users with the ability to distinguish between human and artificially synthesized voices, assisting in protecting against potential fraud and scams.

Copy on the fly: The threat of AI voice cloning

The company highlights the alarming speed at which the AI ​​speech synthesizer can reproduce voices, noting that it takes just three seconds to create a convincing copy. “Illegal voice cloning and voice synthesis technologies are advancing rapidly and have become widely accessible,” Truecaller said.

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Anticipate and prepare for future scams

Anticipating the next wave of AI scams that exploit emotional vulnerabilities, Truecaller highlights the threat from schemes involving fabricated calls about loved ones in distress.

AI Call Scanner, part of Truecaller’s Android app available through a Premium subscription, was initially introduced in the US, with a subsequent roll-out planned in India and other major markets.

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How AI call scanner works

When users encounter suspicious calls, they can activate the dedicated AI Call Scanner button in the Truecaller interface. The caller’s voice is recorded and the sample is analyzed using Truecaller’s sophisticated AI model, trained to distinguish human voices from AI-generated voices.

Alan Mamedi, CEO and Co-Founder of Truecaller, expressed pride in the app’s pioneering role in AI voice detection, saying: “The risk of AI voice fraud is on the rise due to the popularity of AI speech synthesizers. Our goal is to find an effective and reliable solution before things get out of control. I’m proud to announce that Truecaller is the world’s first dialer with built-in AI voice detection. Truecaller is already using AI in a variety of ways, and this is a logical and much-needed extension of Truecaller’s anti-fraud capabilities.“

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Truecaller is actively exploring integrating this feature into its iOS platform and is committed to enhancing the accuracy and responsiveness of its AI model. Furthermore, the company is looking at broader integration with other communication platforms and devices to enhance the reach and effectiveness of its anti-phishing capabilities, potentially including the development of chatbots to analyze voice samples.

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