Trump suggests Biden’s debate prep included cocaine and steroids

Back in 2020, before the first and only presidential debate, Donald Trump madness propose that thing Joe Biden is about to hit the performance-enhancing drugs scene. “I will strongly request a drug test for sleepy Joe Biden before or after the Debate on Tuesday night,” he tweeted, like a perfectly stable candidate for office, and then added about Biden’s skills in the Democratic primary: “His Debate performance was record-setting, to put it mildly. Only medicine can cause this difference???”

Fast forward four years and with just days to go before the CNN debate, the former staffer has reinstated his statement. On Saturday, at a rally in Philadelphia, Trump speak crowd: “Just now, crooked Joe has gone to a cabin to ‘study,’” put quotation marks around learn. “He’s sleeping now because they want to get him healthy. So, a little bit before debate time, he gets shot in the butt… I said he would walk out, right?”

While it was unclear whether Trump was implying Biden would receive a steroid injection or perhaps a B-12 shot, he soon after appeared to suggest that the president’s debate preparation would involve one or more two lines of cocaine. “I’m sure he’ll be prepared,” Trump said, before mentioning the 2023 incident in which a bag of cocaine was found in the White House visitors’ lobby. “What happened to the cocaine that went missing a month ago from the White House?”

As they did in 2020, Trump and his allies have painted themselves into a corner where they feel the need to bring up the absurd idea that Biden would do drugs during the debate, because they have spent every waking hour claiming that the president is dying/injured. amnesia/inability to string “two sentences together.” So it would be really bad for them if Biden then came along and was able to not only string a pair of sentences together but also run rhetorical circles around Trump, who speaking ability never been a strong suit. Drugs!

Team Trump is working overtime to temper expectations for Thursday

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This man is actually a candidate for president

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