Unnamed Winner Vtuber WrestleTuber 2024, 2025 Event Confirmed

On May 25-26, 2024, Dokibird hosted the Vtuber WrestleTuber 2024 event with indie Vtubers, as well as people from Holostars English, VShojo, Idol Corp, Phase Connect and the eventual winner the last minute invader Unnamed. This happened in the final seconds, after Gavis Bettel overtook his opponent and defeated Filian in what was not the final match. Dokibird also confirmed that the event will return next year.

WrestleTuber 2024 included several surprises in addition to Gavis Bettel initially defeating other Vtubers before being ousted by Unnamed. Before the activities take place, Nana Asteria released a diss track to intimidate her first opponent, Jurard T. Rexford. On the first day of the event, Mint Fantome appeared as a surprise driver along with Dokibird. Additionally, on the second day of the event, Matara Kan appeared as a last-minute participant and faced off against Mint.

This is WrestleTuber 2024 song by Nana Asteria.

You can watch the video again the first day of WrestleTuber 2024 below. Again, all participants are created or have wrestlers created for them. AI then controls them within WWE 2K24 matches. Dokibird noted that Gamer Supps paid for the event.

This is Monday of WrestleTuber 2024, which featured an appearance by Matara, Gavis Bettel’s brief victory and Vtuber Unnamed appearing to steal the championship belt in the final minutes.

WrestleTuber 2025 will appear next year, although Dokibird has not announced a date.

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