Unpacking Dev’s ‘Tempopo’ music puzzler is getting a makeover this year

Witch Beam, the Brisbane-based development team behind the BAFTA award-winning independent film Decompressionhave revealed that their next project — a musical titled tempo — is coming to Switch at some point 2024.

On Cult Games’ publishing mission, the first trailer debuted during the recent PC Gaming Show, but you can watch the “Director’s Cut” above. We recommend watching the entire thing as the gameplay clips at the end explain the chills and puzzle gameplay better than the tone-setting opening.

Essentially, Tempopo is just a radish-like, onion-like plant creature that bounces to the beat, just like everything else in these little diorama garden stages. The musical flowers that need to be rescued are clearly scattered across the sky, although only Tempopo – protagonist Hana’s “flowers in the magical garden” – will complete the mission and you will need to use it. Use them to solve environmental puzzles and find your way there. garden exit.

BAFTA-winning sound director and composer Jeff van Dyck (who worked on Unpacking and Aliens: Isolation) is handling the music here, with vocals by Angela van Dyck and Eneteti Turnbull.

We’ll let the PR department explain the setup in more detail:

Mischievous and uncoordinated by nature, Tempopo will rely on your guidance to work together to solve each island’s puzzles. Use your wits or trial and error to find the perfect configuration, solve puzzles with creative solutions involving multiple Tempopo performing different roles.

– Guide Tempopo through 60 levels, maneuvering, smashing, blocking, lifting and pushing your way through space puzzles in four seasons
– Experience a bright and joyful world filled with music, where every vibrant element moves in harmony with the musical heartbeat
-Build your own melodious garden with the flowers you rescue throughout the game and enjoy unique musical performances

In addition to Switch, Tempopo will launch on Steam, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

We have to say, those kids Captain Toad-the styled levels look adorable and the more we watched the trailer, the more the rhythm started to hook us. Unpacking is a good game (although it caused mild panic in this writer after moving house). twice in six months in real life), so we’re eager to see — and hear — more about this.

Let us know below if this is (or isn’t) your Tempopo.

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