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Use the Wyndham-Caesars partnership to avoid points expiration

Points and miles have value, so I watch when and how rewards expire in the programs I use. It’s easy to Prevent points and miles from expiring in programs that require recurring account activity, but there is often no way to extend rewards that lose value after a certain time after they are earned.

I received an email from AwardWallet on May 1st stating that 8,500 of my funds Wyndham Rewards points expire on May 31. I looked at my upcoming travel itinerary to see if there were any upcoming stays I wanted to book using Wyndham points, but I ended up using Use Wyndham’s partnership with Caesars to reset the expiration date on your points. Here’s how I did it.

When do Wyndham rewards points expire?

According to Wyndham Rewards terms and conditionsWyndham Rewards points expire four years from the payment date of the stay for which they were earned.

However, you will also lose points if you do not have any account activity for 18 consecutive months. Account activity is defined as “any (i) points earned, (ii) stays posted to the Member’s Wyndham Rewards account, regardless of whether the stay earned Wyndham Rewards points, and ( iii) redemption or transfer activity involving a change in a member’s Wyndham Rewards Points Balance.”

Finally, Wyndham may close your account if you have not had any account activity for at least 60 consecutive months.

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Wyndham Alltra Cancun all-inclusive resort in Mexico. KRISTY TOLLEY/VOICE POINT

How to see when your Wyndham points expire

You can only view your account activity over the past 18 months when you log in to your account on the Wyndham website. However, you can find out when your Wyndham points expire by navigating to My account page and scroll down.

On the left side of the page, you can see a notification about when your points expire. Below is an example of what this message looked like on May 11 before I took any action and May 30 after I used expiring points.

The blank space in the first screenshot from May 11 is not helpful. I also periodically logged into my Wyndham account and noticed this notification was missing. So while the notification is helpful when it’s present and complete, I recommend setting a reminder in your calendar about a month before the earliest of these two due dates. Alternatively, you can use a tool like AwardWallet that will notify you before your points expire.

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How to use Expiring Wyndham Rewards points

When I realized I had 8,500 Wyndham points that expired on May 31 and couldn’t be renewed with account activity, I checked my upcoming destinations for any enticing ways to use Wyndham points Which one? The awards night starts at just 7,500 points, but you’ll get a 10% discount if you have a certain number of points. Wyndham credit card. I recently added the Wyndham Rewards Earner® Business Card to my wallet so I could book a one-night stay for just 6,750 points.

Information about Wyndham Rewards Business Cards has been independently collected by The Points Guy. The card details on this page have not been reviewed or provided by the card issuer.

In the past, I’ve gotten great value for redeeming Wyndham points on stays in Hawaii, Korea, and Colorado, but redeeming Wyndham points for any of my upcoming trips isn’t ideal at this time. This.

Like most customer loyalty programWyndham Rewards offers many other redemption options, including:

  • Win tickets and experience Minor League Baseball
  • Buy from online points catalog
  • Purchase gift card
  • Book air tickets, car rentals and other means of transportation
  • donations
  • Get rewards in your partner’s loyalty program

Minor League baseball tickets start at just 2,500 points, but there are no upcoming games in the cities I plan to visit. Most of the other redemption options offered lower redemption values ​​than I knew I could get when redeeming Wyndham points for stays.

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How I took advantage of Wyndham’s partnership with Caesars Rewards

You can transfer Wyndham points to a variety of travel rewards programs. However, as is often the case when you transfer hotel points to other programs, you will often lose some value. For example, you could transfer 6,000 Wyndham Rewards points United MileagePlus and get 1,200 miles. Based TPG’s valuationThis transfer will have you giving up $66 worth of Wyndham points in exchange for about $16 worth of United miles.

In most cases, you won’t be able to transfer your points back to the Wyndham Rewards program after transferring them to a partner, but Wyndham Rewards and Caesars Entertainment established a partnership in 2017 and are still active . Through this partnership, you can transfer rewards between Wyndham Rewards and Caesars Rewards at a 1:1 ratio. This means you can transfer points back and forth between programs without losing any value.

You can transfer up to 60,000 Wyndham Rewards points to Caesars Rewards rewards credits each year in 2,500-point increments. So on May 11, I transferred 10,000 Wyndham points from my account to Caesars Rewards.


Three days later, I noticed my bonus money had arrived in my Caesars Rewards account. You can transfer up to 60,000 Caesars Rewards rewards credits to Wyndham Rewards each year. The transfer ratio is 1:1 with an increase of 5,000 bonus credits.


On May 14, I transferred 10,000 bonus credits from my Caesars Rewards account to Wyndham Rewards. The confirmation noted that the transfer could take six to eight weeks to process, but the points appeared in my Wyndham Rewards account 13 days later. As you can see below, the May 11 transfer is coded as an exchange operation while the May 27 operation is coded as a counterparty operation.


I won’t need any Wyndham account activity in the next 18 months, but I hope I will Earn Wyndham points more often than not I have a Wyndham Rewards® Earner Business Card. And even though I have 3,308 points that expire in March 2026, I expect to redeem them to stay well before then.

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Bottom line

The partnership between Caesars Rewards and Wyndham Rewards is a great way to maintain earned status in both programs. When looking for ways to use expiring Wyndham points, I also discovered that partnerships are a great way to keep Wyndham points from expiring.

Even if you don’t have Wyndham points expiring, this post is a great reminder to think creatively. After all, there are often ways to earn rewards, redeem rewards, and benefit from loyalty programs that aren’t immediately obvious.

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