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We’re excited to reveal that Valorant’s engaging, innovative and action-packed gameplay is now available on PS5. We can’t wait for you all to join our limited Beta, starting June 14th!

Valorant is a 5v5 character-based tactical FPS game where precision gunplay meets the Agent’s unique abilities. Valorant isn’t just about guns and bullets… I mean don’t get us wrong, you can definitely pull off some crazy overruns with your guns (five bullets, five enemies, five taps… no problem). what topic), But Valorant is much more than that. In each Valorant game, you’ll choose an Agent from our ever-growing, unapologetic global roster, and each Agent is equipped with unique abilities.

Valorant Limited Beta will be available on PS5 on June 14

Creativity meets clutch

Each Agent has a different set of gear that allows you to give your gunplay a chance to shine. No two Agents play the same, just as no two cinematics are the same in Valorant. When we started thinking about bringing Valorant to PS5, we never thought about the technical aspects of building a new game on a new platform—but about preserving the feeling of playing Valorant. When you start playing Valorant and get more familiar with the gameplay, there will be a special moment that happens. Those moments where you stand alone and are outnumbered, but you find a way to overcome the odds and win while your teammates watch in silence—before exploding in cheers. These are the moments that make Valorant special, where creativity comes together. And we’re excited to be able to bring that experience to PS5 and welcome more players to our community.


In addition to unique Agents, abilities, and gunplay, Valorant also has a series of maps. Each place is a playground for you to express your creative thinking. There are also different modes for you to try out, whether you want to play a quick match or climb the ranks, there is something for everyone. Currently, for competitive queue, we have a set of maps that change every few months. But all of our available maps are available in non-competitive mode. All content currently available on Valorant PC will be available on PS5, and whenever we send a patch, we send it to everyone at the same time. So when a new map or Agent launches, all Valorant players will get it at the same time.

For Beta version

While we want everyone to play the same Valorant, we also know that with all the different modes, maps, Agents, and guns, there’s a lot to learn. So we’re releasing the following modes and maps in limited Beta to help everyone get up to speed.

Unrated, Swiftplay, Deathmatch:

  • June 14: Ascent, binding, shelter, abyss
  • June 25: Patch 9.00, Sunset
  • July 9: Lotus
  • July 23: Icebox

Team death match


How to register

Valorant is all about how you want to play. From the Agent you choose, to the gun you default to using (we prefer Vandal), to how you customize your collection. We’re excited to welcome you to our community, can’t wait to see all your creative clips, and are ready to put Valorant into your hands.

Our Limited Beta will begin on June 14 in the following regions: United States, Canada, parts of Europe, and Japan. Throughout the Limited and Extended Beta phases, more regions will be available and we will continue to update availability during each phase. You can sign up for the Limited Beta now at If your region is not listed, we encourage you to still register to express your interest as we will add new regions during Beta testing.

That’s all from us for now. We can’t wait to see you in the game on June 14th!

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