Veteran voice actor Tooru Furuya apologizes for adultery, assault and forced abortion

Tooru Furuya, a veteran voice actor, was Sorry for having an affair with a fan, beating her, getting her pregnant and forcing her to have an abortion. Furuya is 70 years old at the time of writing while the woman is 37 years old. [Thanks, Yahoo!]

Bunshun Online was the first to report this news. Bunshun is also the company that covered up Takahiro Sakurai’s cheating scandal 2022. For context, Furuya’s marriage to Satomi Majima has been known to the public since the 1980s. According to Furuya’s entire apology, his relationship with this fan lasted about 4 and a half years, only ends September 2023. She is a fan of his work and he explains that her wholehearted support for his career has made him successful. Go see her first.

This woman is a big fan of his work as Tooru Amuro in Detective Conan. She liked the character so much that she went to see it Zero the Enforcer (22nd movie revolving around Amuro) 45 times. In 2020, they argued so fiercely that they beat her. He said this was absolutely despicable behavior for both a human being and an adult.

After impregnating her in 2021, he forced her to have an abortion. He believes that this is an unforgivable act and deeply apologizes to her for hurting her both mentally and physically. He said there was no way to fully apologize or make amends to the fans who had supported him over the years. Furuya admitted that his actions may disappoint people and may cause them to have negative feelings towards his character. He plans to spend the rest of his life making up for his actions and is ready to accept any punishment.

Tooru Furuya has played many iconic characters since he began voice acting in 1958. His most notable roles include:

  • Amuro Ray (Mobile SuitGundam)
  • Amuro Tooru (Detective Conan)
  • Kyosuke Kasuga (Kimagure orange sugar)
  • Pegasus Seiya (Saint Seiya)
  • Sabo (A piece)
  • Tuxedo mask (Sailor Moon)
  • Yamcha (Dragon ball)

Notably, this is not the first time a voice actor has been involved in a serious adultery scandal. In addition to the aforementioned Sakurai, major voice actors such as Tatsuhisa Suzuki, Nobuhiko OkamotoAnd Daisuke Namikawa also cheat on their partners. While Sakurai and Okamoto have recovered, Suzuki has not. This may be because Suzuki’s wife is LiSA, a famous entertainer in her own right.

It is unknown if this will affect Furuya’s professional career, but considering Furuya’s stance, he may decide to step down from his current role. This means that there will be voice changes for characters like Sabo and Amuro (Detective Conan).

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