VTuber Ange Katrina went to the hospital because of Covid-19

Ange Katrina, a VTuber from Nijisanji, is in hospital due to COVID-19. As a result, Sanbaka’s 5th anniversary concert will be postponed.

Any color announced delay on its official Twitter (X) account. The concert was scheduled to take place on June 15, 2024. However, due to Ange Katrina contracting COVID-19 and being hospitalized, they decided to postpone the concert to December 6, 2024. 2024. This date is subject to change. Other staff and performers agreed to this schedule change.

To compensate those who already have tickets for the June concert, Anycolor is looking at a number of ways they can get priority access to the new concert. More on that to come later. On her Twitter account (X), Ange Sorry for those who are excited about the concert. She added that she did not recover and that she contracted a newer strain of the COVID-19 virus.

However, she hopes that she will fully recover for the December performance and will work hard to deliver her best performance. Ange Katrina debuted with Nijisanji as part of the trio Sanbaka in 2019. The other members of the trio are Inui Toko And Liz Helesta. As of the time of writing, she has over 850k subscribers on her page Youtube channel.

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