What will you play this weekend? (June 22)

Kate Gray, Contributor

I might hit the ball this weekend Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door! I just hit level 60 in Pit of 100 Trials and I’m pretty sure I can do all 100 levels if I come back for another chapter or two. I’m about to take the Excess Express, this is one of the best chapters! As a huge fan of Paper Mario, I can say that this game is absolutely worth it – the additions aren’t much, but they really help with all the backtracking in the game later and the visual upscaling is amazing. I’m really impressed by how well the writing has aged.

Also, I can finish Diver Daveand can play more Stardew Valley (with mods). I’m going out in this wonderful summer weather, but it seems like the temperature where I’m at is around 35°. Hellish stuff. At least inside there is AC!

Gavin Lane, Editor

I’m also playing live. By pure coinkydink, I’ve been playing the Link’s Awakening remake for the past few weeks and I’ve been only to the Wind Fish’s egg after Turtle Rock. Looking forward to ticking that off. I played Perfect darkness, with my trusty NSO ’64 pad. This is a game I appreciated more than 24 years ago.

After that, I figured I should continue with Prime Remastered. I started that game a few times but never made much progress. The complete scanning of every inch of my environment triggered my OCD and made it difficult for me to escape it. This time, I plan to only scan what I need and ignore the rest – write it down in the logbook.

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