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GREET! My name is Beralt Lyu, Producer of Everstone Studio and I am pleased to announce that our title Where Winds Meet will be available on PlayStation 5. We’ve spent five years creating our epic open-world action-adventure RPG Wuxia, so we’re really looking forward to bringing it to all you PlayStation fans. Wuxia is a genre of fiction and film about warriors from ancient China often represented by superhuman martial arts feats – think about it Crouching tiger, hidden dragon or House of flying daggers. Then think of yourself, as a young swordsman or swordswoman, having the opportunity to master these wonderful Chinese martial arts, to enhance your fighting prowess or be more attractive – solve puzzles and travel through our vast landscape.

Where Winds Meet brings a sublime open-world martial arts adventure to PS5

Your character can use the mystical power of Qinggong to run up steep cliffs or across shimmering water at high speed, or use the power of Qi to stun enemies from afar or capture Remote targets are out of reach. Martial arts skills can also be acquired from observing and imitating animal behavior. Breathe fire like a dragon, jump like a giant toad or roar like a lion – all skills can prove surprisingly useful when facing a series of enemies, whether human or possibly with the giant bear you accidentally provoked!

This image shows the dark sky hanging over the ruins of the battlefield. Downed soldiers scattered on the ground. In the middle of them sat a figure clothed in red, pierced by many spears. A saddleless horse stands in front of the character.In this image, a figure stands atop a small rocky outcrop, looking out over a vast landscape lush with forests and fields. The figure is decorated with weapons, including a bow hanging from their back and a sword which they hold upright in their right hand.

Where Winds Meet is set in the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period in Chinese history. For us, this period of history presents an exciting opportunity – because it was a time of upheaval and change, and the perfect backdrop for our young hero to chart his course. path and discover your destiny. Of course, there is a story that is unfolded and revealed as the game progresses, for example, you will discover the mystery of your own identity, explore the historical background of this epic adventure, take Enjoy fascinating encounters with charming characters, after which, most likely, there will be fights. with them!… But we won’t say too much about this now – it remains to be discovered!

This image is a wide-angle shot of a bamboo forest, with trees bending in the wind. A silhouette of a person riding a horse cantered under the canopy of a tree.In this image, a red-clad figure is fighting against high winds as they make their way through an icy canyon.

It’s truly an open world game that we can’t wait for you to experience. It is a vast and seamless open world that will unfold before your eyes with breathtaking landscapes. You will adventure through different areas, rich in historical and cultural features, interact with various local NPCs and revel in the influence of Wuxia, evident in the puzzles and storyline, lyrics telling and of course “Wuxia stories”. Whether it’s individuals like the erratic behavior of a villager in the Qinghe region or the machinations of various factions going on, we think you’ll want to dig deeper into the narrative arc behind the story our martial arts.

In this image, two characters fight on top of a tree in a bamboo forest. One person rushed straight into the air, sword pointed straight. The other person rushed out of danger while clutching an open umbrella.In this image, multiple figures bow before a warrior holding a blazing blade. Behind them a giant fish rushed to the surface, while lightning flashed overhead.

This is an overhead screenshot of a character fighting multiple opponents. The figure is surrounded by red leaves on the surrounding floor, contrasting sharply with the square tiled and uniform gray floor.

Where Winds Meet has an Eastern martial arts theme and we attach great importance to the representation of martial arts (wuxia) elements in the game. Weapons are an important part of a player’s fighting ability. We try to restore many unique weapons in Wuxia martial arts in the game such as Spear, Sword, Fan, Dual Sword, Umbrella and Glaive.

In addition to weapons, the game also has a number of equally important fighting abilities, which are the inheritance and expansion of the traditional Chinese martial art, kung fu. It includes some real-life fighting moves and others that seem to defy the laws of physics, adding an element of romance and fantasy to the combat system.

We hope to be able to introduce to players around the world the unique appeal of martial arts fighting. Players can use Accupoint Hit to temporarily freeze their opponents or use Chi Grip to disarm their opponents and launch a counterattack. There will also be some powerful enemies waiting for you to challenge. We think it’s the variety of strategy as well as the variety of weapons and skills that makes Where Winds Meet so appealing, and we hope that PlayStation fans will agree!

In this image, a figure dressed in black and gold jumps from left to right, holding a golden mask in his left hand and holding a golden dagger-like weapon in his right hand.

We hope you will find this setting engaging, enriching, challenging and refreshing. Of course, we will optimize game control for PlayStation and PS5 DualSense controllers, allowing users to explore mysteries and martial arts moves for a seamless and unforgettable adventure .

Stay tuned for more news about Where Winds Meet for PlayStation 5.

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