Woman sues DJ Akademiks for rape in 2022 at home in New Jersey

A woman filed a lawsuit against the blast DJ Akademiksaccused him of sexually assaulting her in 2022. Fauziya “Ziya” Abashe said Akademiks took advantage of her after two men at his home drugged and raped her.

The social media personality, whose real name is Livingston Allen, has denied the lawsuit’s allegations, calling it “a coup.” Rolling Stone first reported the lawsuit.

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This is what the lawsuit against DJ Akademiks alleges

The documents allegedly allege Akademiks and two unnamed men entered Abashe while she was unconscious at his home. The two dated briefly after meeting in 2021, according to RS.

However, she said they had not seen each other for almost a year when Akademiks allegedly contacted her on July 16, 2022. He invited her to his home in New Jersey and based on their history , she did not suspect any “bad intentions.” ”

Abashe stopped and was surprised to see two other men (John Doe 1 and 2). She accused the men of drugging her drink and continuing to feed her alcohol before raping her on DJ Akademiks’ pool deck.

When she woke up around 4 a.m. the next day, Abashe said she was in AK’s bed. He is said to be “Pulled her hair, pried her legs open and brutally raped her.” The defendant shared that she was “begging” DJ Akademiks to stop as he penetrated her anus and vagina. Doctors said she “cried through most of this attack but lost the physical ability to move.”

Akademiks allegedly showed video of the woman’s attack and other evidence

The lawsuit also alleges Akademiks showed Abashe a videotape of two men raping her on his pool deck. There was also a trash can with two condoms in it. The woman believes the men also assaulted her in a room at AK’s house behind the swimming pool.

“According to Ms. Abashe, upon viewing the video, she appeared to be lying there lifeless, which was unbecoming of her,” the lawsuit states.

In a text message on July 17, 2022, the internet personality told Abashe to “get tested” and suggested that he do the same. The woman, according to the lawsuit, also took it as an admission of having had unprotected sex with her.

Fauziya ‘Ziya’ Abashe said that she took the matter to the police and underwent a rape kit, which she claimed discovered traces of Akademik sperm. Police also photographed bruises on her arms, back, buttocks and legs.” Additionally, Abashe even had a “recorded phone call” with AK where he allegedly admitted to having sex with her and described her vagina. Ultimately, she decided not to press charges.

Akademiks denied the attack in December 2023 and after the lawsuit

However, the incident became public knowledge when she and Akademiks discussed it on social media in December 2023. In a video shared on December 30, he denied involvement and said that his “two men” “coached” her on his pool deck. He also admitted to having surveillance footage.

That’s where the defamation aspect of Abashe’s lawsuit comes in. She said he defamed her by asking her to voluntarily participate in an “orgy”, while she claimed she did not consent to such acts.

On Tuesday, after news of the lawsuit broke, DJ Akademiks once again denied raping Abashe while speaking on a livestream. He called the lawsuit a “collapse.” Additionally, the streamer said he is an “innocent man” and is not under criminal investigation at this time.

Abashe’s attorney, Tyrone Blackburn, told Rolling Stone that they tried to resolve the civil matter privately but had no luck.

It should be noted, Blackburn was charged with “improperly filing the case in federal court ‘to attract media attention,” according to TMZ. EQUAL Shade room Previously reported, Blackburn is also the attorney who filed a sexual assault lawsuit against Christian Combs and his father Sean “Diddy” Combs.

See his comments below.

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