Zenless Zone Zero Rina’s trailer shows her scaring a Bangboo

New trailer for Non-Zen zone went out, focusing on Rina. Again, Rina, or Alexandrina Sebastianeis a member of Victoria Housekeeping.

You can see Rina Non-Zen zone Introductory video:

It is also available in Mandarin, JapaneseAnd Korea.

The trailer features a scared-looking Bangboo wandering around a facility before Rina informs it that it is in a restricted area. When she listed the rules about the area, she was so scared that it caused her to pass out. It then shows how Rina fights by controlling two small robots. It then ends with her acting like a normal maid towards Bangboo. However, despite her profession, she is a terrible cook.

Like other members of the Victoria Housekeeping faction, Rina is based on a cross between an ordinary housekeeper and a Western horror film. In Rina’s case, she seems to be a combination of a ghost and the idea of ​​haunted puppets. Other members of Victoria Housekeeping include Corin, Ellen and Von Lycaon. Among the butlers of this faction, Ellen seemed to be the only one willing to test Rina’s cooking skills.

Non-Zen zone will launch on PS5, Windows PC and mobile devices from July 4, 2024.

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