4 actors in the Baroque live-action One Piece have been revealed

Only one New update ABOVE season 2 Later A piece live-action show on Netflix and revealed four Baroque Works actors will play familiar characters. However, Mr. 0 and Miss All Sunday are not among them yet.

The A piece the announcement includes four characters, the Baroque Works Officer and the Border Agent. The highest “number” that appears is Mr. 3. The lowest is Frontier Agent Mr. 9. This suggests that the Arabasta Saga will be a major plot point this time.

Here are four A piece Live-action season 2 actors confirmed to appear so far, in order of group hierarchy:

  • Mr. 3: David Dastmalchian
  • Mr. 5: Camrus Johnson
  • Miss Valentine: Jazzara Jaslyn
  • Mr. 9: Daniel Lasker

Here’s the official reveal showing off the performers along with their character’s art:

Again, Mr. 0 and Miss All Sunday are two works of Baroque style A piece characters who eventually become main characters in the series. Skip the spoilers, for those new to the series via Netflix’s live-action adaptation, but they both eventually play roles and become integral members of their respective organizations. other position.

The first season of A piece Live-action adaptation is on Netflix now, with season 2 underway. This anime is available on both Netflix and Crunchyroll. Viz Media handles manga outside of Japan.

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