Rick Ross Riles took to social media, reacting to Pretty Vee’s doctorate

Rick Ross sent social media into a tizzy after reacting to his rumored ex-girlfriend, Pretty Veereceived his first honorary doctorate.

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Rick Ross reacts to Pretty Vee’s achievement

EQUAL Shade room previously reported, over the weekend, Vee took to Instagram to reveal that she received an honorary doctorate in Humanitarianism. At the time, the comedian shared two separate carousel posts showing her sporting a black, red and gold graduation gown with a matching cap.

Ross has clearly caught wind of Vee’s achievements and recent posts that should slide in her comments section with a few words on Monday, June 24.

“Proud dad,” the rapper wrote simply.

Social media has weight

Vee has yet to publicly react to Ross’ comments. However, social media users shared their own reactions in Dark Room commentary.

Instagram user @jazzysworld_ wrote,Meg once said…’You are not my father, I am not your child!’”

While Instagram user @yung.jezzo added: Dad? Uncle, no 😂😂😂”

Instagram user @diamondisfabulous wrote, Chiiiile, these men want to be everyone’s ‘father’ but don’t want to be anyone’s husband 🤦🏻‍♀️😆”

While Instagram user @bephiebucks added:These days, men are definitely buying boldness in large numbers 🙄”

Instagram user @blacktherapistmatter wrote, Father’s Day is over sir, please calm down.”

While Instagram user @coopdajuice added: That’s probably exactly her face after reading that comment.”

Additionally, some users seemed angered by Ross’s apparent congratulations to Vee. Many believe the rapper doesn’t display the same energy as his 18-year-old son, William Roberts III, who just graduated high school.

Instagram user @lovelyti__ wrote, So you boasting about an honorary degree means nothing, but your son graduated high school with a real high school diploma and is on his way to college, and yet you’re nowhere to be found. So interesting…”

While Instagram user @cinderella_1k added: I can hear Tia now ‘YOU DIDN’T GIVE YOUR SON THAT ENERGY!’ 😂”

Instagram user @bryishal_ wrote, He should be in his son’s comments section 🙄”

While Instagram user @uadorelai added: Dad is also proud of his son, right rrrrrrrr 🐸☕️”

A carousel post shared earlier this week by Roberts III’s mother, Tia Kemp, did not appear to indicate Ross was present at their son’s recent graduation celebration.

Here’s what’s been going on lately with Rapper & Tia Kemp

EQUAL Shade room Previous reports Kemp went viral earlier this month after criticizing Ross online. At the time, the rapper took to his Instagram Story to share his joy about their son’s child support payments coming to an end.

“What do you want to celebrate more, Father’s Day or your last child support payment,” the rapper asked fans. “Or, what if your last child support payment was on Father’s Day weekend? That is what you call divinity.”

In return, Kemp apparently instructed Ross to tone down his excitement and make it clear that she could stretch their financial dealings to support their son’s college efforts.

Regarding Ross’ relationship with Pretty Vee, the pair appeared to be romantically involved in late 2022. As Shade room previously reported, in December of that year, Vee seemingly confirmed their romance by spilling the tea about what attracted her to Ross.

“That’s the boss in him. I like leaders. So when you’re the leader, you can walk up to me, you know? But again, when it comes to Ross, Ross is the type of person that you look at and you admire, are inspired by — like I want to do what you’re doing, so teach me,” she explained in while appearing on ‘Black Girl Stuff’ on REVOLT.

However, by December of the following year, the couple’s supposed romance seemed to have fizzled out. That same month, Ross appeared to make things Instagram official with a woman named Cristina Mackey. Shade room.

In January 2024, Mackey alleged Ross’s previous romances had nothing to do with her and him, according to Shade room.

But Vee seemed to put that notion to rest quickly. Shade room. Finally, Ross and Mackey went their separate ways March.

Most recently, the rapper was seen posting photos with a woman named Paige Imani during her birthday celebration.

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