Angel Reese reacts to Alyssa Thomas’s flagrant foul

Angel Reese reacted to a flagrant foul by Alyssa Thomas on an offensive rebound, causing her to be ejected from the game.

GAME The Chicago Sky player reportedly told reporters, “They don’t care if I’m a rookie.”

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Reese reacts to Alyssa’s blatant foul

Reese and Thomas were trying to recover when Connecticut Sun lifted her arm and made contact with Angel’s neck. This causes Chi Barbie Fall hard on hard wood.

This was Alyssa’s first flagrant foul, but overall she has committed flagrant fouls eight times. She is currently ranked second in WNBA history.

Reese shared his thoughts on the incident during the post-game press conference. The No. 7 pick in the WNBA draft said she knows “…this will be a difficult match,” however, Reese said, “That is my purpose.” In addition, she also praised the efforts of her teammates on the field.

After a reporter asked her if she thought Alyssa was trying to send a message from the vet to someone new, Angel replied, It’s not just because I’m a rookie. I am a player. And I’m a basketball player.” She added, “They don’t care if I’m a rookie.”

LSU graduate speak, “…I want them to attack me every day.” She continued, “They are not allowed to treat me well. I hope you all know that. They don’t get to treat me well or lie down because I’m Angel Reese or because I’m a rookie.

Reese thanks Alyssa for applying the pressure

Angel then expressed gratitude to Thomas for her aggression. “…thank you AT, for sending me a message because I got up and kept trying.” In addition, she also shared that she has “wonderful” with Alyssa “from [they] was in Maryland.”

“…so I know it’s not a hard feeling at all, and I appreciate her hitting on me today,” she explained.

In a pre-match interview, Reese expressed that she admired Alyssa. The striker said her worship remained the same after the blatant foul.

The Connecticut Sun finally beat the Chicago Sky. Reese scored 13 points and 5 rebounds.

Check out Reese’s reaction when Thomas gets close to her neck:

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