Wind and Waves could improve their English dubbing

Ria, one workers for localization team Kuro Games, has stated that the dubbing for Howling Wind and Waves should improve after the first two story acts. Actors will no longer need to speak with an American accent if they are uncomfortable. [Thanks, Wuthering Waves Media!]

According to Ria, PARTY London is the company the localization team worked with for the voice actors. This is due to the UK’s geographical proximity to China compared to the US, which will make communication easier as the time difference will not be as large. This is why most of the voice actors are British. The localization team then asked the voice actors to use American accents. While recording has been completed for the first two story acts, the localization team promised to work more closely with the voice director and ensure the accents are consistent.

Reply on Twitter shown that voice is not an issue with internal dubbing Howling Wind and Waves. The opinion suggests that is the direction to go. In a now-deleted video, a fan pointed out that during a tense scene where Scar is escaping, Rover’s “you won’t escape” line was delivered in a very monotone and inappropriate voice. fits that scene. This isn’t a problem with the voice actors but rather a lack of direction.

Although it was highly anticipated before its release, there was still a lot of controversy Howling Wind and Wavesglobal launch. Between problem with the acting and voice acting, as well as complaints about the story and comparisons to Genshin Impact, fans are expressing their displeasure on social media. As noted by Kuro Games, it is transparent about how it will improve the player experience going forward. The company also gave players a free standard 5-star character as an apology.

Howling Wind and Waves available on Windows PC and mobile devices.

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