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Bark (Air) or bite: Cats compete for the dog’s flight

June 8, 2024

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Bark (Air) or bite: Cats compete for the dog’s flight

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Bark Air has started up Scheduled charter flight service just for pups and their humans on May 23, but the dog-centric airline is already in the doghouse.

Bark and jet charter company Talon Air offer flights between New York’s Westchester County Airport (HPN) and Los Angeles and London on 14-seat Gulfstream jets.

However, Westchester County is now suing Bark Inc. and Talon because flights depart from the airport’s private jet area. The county claims that the flights violate county law that requires both charter airlines and commercial airlines using aircraft with more than nine seats to use HPN’s six-gate commercial terminal.

Several other aircraft rental companies do challenge that county law in federal court, claiming that federal laws preempt those imposed by counties. But to date, the case has not yet been brought to trial.

The situation could get tense, but for now, a Bark spokesperson said: “Bark does not comment on litigation. But we do not believe this will impact our operations.”

Bark Air’s first flight to London took off last week and the airline recently announced the flight Full schedule through winter. It includes flights from Westchester to Los Angeles, London and Paris.

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