Swipe right to fight in the turn-based combat dating adventure ‘Nova Hearts’

Announced as part of Turn-Based Battle Days, The Future of Play Direct Nova Heart is confirmed to be coming to Switch along with other platforms This year.

Coming from the developer Lightbulb Crew (Other pesticides), Nova Hearts mixes genres with dating sim elements combined with turn-based battles and a bit of space to create something that feels completely unique and completely different from shadow of the previous game, as you can see from the trailer above.

With a mysterious force that turns people into superheroes or villains, you use your phone to interact with the community, convey your newfound powers, engage in contact and finally fight with sexy girls. The best ne’er-do-wells.

Here’s a bit more detail on the premise from the PR teaser, along with some screenshots:

When you return to your hometown, you don’t expect things to be much different than when you left but now you and the other hot singles in the area have transformed into heroes and villains! Reconnect with old friends, meet new ones, and pursue the strange source of the new cosmic madness lurking in the streets. Where did it come from? What happened? And why is everyone so incredibly hot right now!?

We enjoyed our time with SRPG Othercide in 2020, giving it an 8/10 in our review and saying it “does more than enough to differentiate itself from the pack and carve itself out as a unique color.” With luck, Nova Hearts will be equally attractive and unique. It has one The suitor is thirsty So is its flavor, happy to see that it’s Switch-bound and looking forward to learning more before the year is out.

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