Deiondra Sanders & Jacquees discuss whether boys will become juniors

Deiondra Sanders is adamant that she Baby The guy with singer Jacquees won’t be juniors – and she’s explaining why.

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In a vlog posted above of future mother YouTube channel, she explained to the baby’s father that their son would also have her last name because she was not married.

In the video, the couple chat about the new terms as they place bets on the baby’s gender. As previously reported by Shade room, the couple had an “explosive” gender reveal earlier this month. Initially, the person who guesses the wrong gender will have to jump into the swimming pool. However, Sanders revealed that because she had just had surgery, they had to change the terms.

Deiondra suggested that if she won the bet, her first-time dad would have to massage her four times a week. Jacquees replied “My damn hand fell off.” After some persuasion from Deiondra, he finally agreed and revealed his victory conditions.

“If it’s a boy, the name is Junior,” Jacquees stated.

Sanders shut down his idea quickly.

“I don’t agree with that. I’m sorry,” she said before adding, “Technically it can’t be Junior… ‘Sanders-Broadnax’ is not Junior.”

Jacquees tried to convince her to see things his way, but the mother-to-be had already made up her mind.

“That won’t happen because I’m not married. So my last name will be the same,” Deiondra declared.

Social networks reacted to the couple’s conversation

Commenters on The Shade Room’s post were more interested in the name debate than the gender stakes. Some Roomies agree with her assessment.

@missbriap said, “The SMARTEST and BEST thing she has said so far…. That’s right, little girl.”

“Good for her. The baby shouldn’t have his last name before hers,” @astoldbybrittanyd co-signed.

The other roommates disagree with Deiondra’s logic.

@dr_veenp said, “You don’t name your child after your father because you’re not married to him, but let him get pregnant for you while you’re not married? Girl, give that child his father’s last name and sit down.”

“Soo you can have a baby with someone without being married, but the baby has his father’s last name is where you draw the line.???? Alright,” @rudegirlririi wrote.

On Friday, May 24, Sanders took to The Shade Room’s comments section to further explain his stance.

“What I SAID was that my last name would be our child’s last name because I am not married and still use my last name,” she wrote. “Que has also worked very hard for his own legacy and of course his son will also carry on his surname. 💙”

Roommates, do you agree with Sanders? Or do you think the couple should name their child Jacquee’s junior?

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