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Exciting menu items return to Alaska Airlines’ main cabin – here’s the menu

Seattle-based Alaska Airlines serves free hot meals to first class passengers on most flights longer than 670 miles.

But since 2017, passengers in main and premium class have had to accept a limited menu of cold meals and pre-paid snack boxes. Otherwise, they’ll have to risk buying a boxed picnic on the train.

The lack of an attractive menu in the main cabin stems from Alaska Airlines’ acquisition of Virgin America in 2016. With that deal, Alaska Airlines received 61 Virgin America Airbus planes, and those planes did not have ovens in the main cabin.

Alaska Airlines retired the Virgin America brand in 2018, and it retired the last of its Virgin America Airbus fleet in early 2023. Now, as part of the process of standardizing its current fleet of Alaska, the airline is installing ovens in main cabin galleys.

“With this change, we began working behind the scenes to develop an expanded menu with food options,” said Todd Traynor-Corey, executive director of guest products at Alaska Airlines. hot”. “After extensive testing, we’re expanding our menu by offering a variety of delicious hot sandwiches and entrees alongside a variety of fresh food options available via pre-order. “

What’s new on the menu?


Along with existing cold menu options – including the hugely popular fruit and cheese platter with cheese slices from Beecher’s and Tillamook, as well as the Charge Up Protein Plate – there are now four new hot menu items.

These new offerings are only available for pre-order in main cabins and premium cabins; They’re also only available on long-haul flights and average 1,100 miles or more. Availability of each new menu item varies depending on destination and time of day. Vegetarians should know that every item on the new menu contains meat.

Hot items

King’s Hawaiian pretzel roll with fries. ALASKA AIRLINES

Carnitas breakfast bowl

This hot dish features slow-roasted pork and salsa along with breakfast potatoes and scrambled eggs. It is available on eastbound and Hawaii-bound flights at departure breakfast (5 to 10 a.m.).

Monte Cristo breakfast sandwich

Monte Cristo breakfast sandwich. ALASKA AIRLINES

Served on a square croissant, this sandwich is made with smoked turkey breast, sliced ​​ham, Swiss cheese, cream cheese and raspberry jam. It is available on westbound flights and from Hawaii departing at breakfast.

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Panang curry chicken

This red coconut curry is served with grilled chicken breast and jasmine rice; topped with edamame beans, sweet red peppers and onions. This service is available on eastbound and Hawaii-bound flights on lunch and dinner departures (10 a.m. to 9 p.m.).

Pretzel roll slider

Available on westbound flights and from Hawaii on lunch and dinner departures, these sliders will arrive on pretzel buns filled with two Angus beef patties, caramelized onions and cheese. Swiss cooler, along with a bag of kettle chips.

Food prices

The new main cabin’s hot menu prices range from $10.50 for the Monte Cristo breakfast sandwich to $11.50 for the Carnitas breakfast bowl, panang curry chicken and pretzel rolls. By comparison, cold menu options range from $8 for Northwest specialties, Mediterranean tapas, and Kids Picnic Packages to $11.50 for options that include a coffee wrap. chicken curry, Caul Me Maybe salad and several other options.

The delicious menu items are only available to passengers who pre-order on the Alaska mobile app or website two weeks to 20 hours before their flight. Most cold menu options also require advance ordering. You can pay with Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® Credit Card or Alaska Airlines Visa® business card and get 20% back as a statement credit.

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