I went to the Apple store to see the thinnest iPads ever. Does 0.08 inches really make a difference?

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I can rarely resist attractive marketing promises.

So when Apple announced they had released it The thinnest iPadI felt compelled to experience their post-Ozempic nature.

I’m not completely moved by the concept of thinness. My long experience with the MacBook Air tells me that too thin can actually cut your fingers if you’re not careful.

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Indeed, Macbook Air M2 Luckily I’m now thicker – and less sharp on the edges – than previous versions.

Still, I went to an Apple store, ready to be excited, dazzled and – truly – captivated.

Thin is no longer the same as before

Apple stores haven’t changed much over the years, so the iPad, the newest thing, is placed near the front door.

I wandered over to the iPad table and read with purpose and passion.

This is an iPad Mini, there is one New 11-inch iPadbeyond that is a new one iPad Pro 11 inches and finally a new one iPad Pro 13 inches.

Honestly, I still have a pretty old iPad Pro. It’s heavy compared to any of these new items, but it still works, and since it’s not exactly cheap, I stuck with it, albeit without enthusiasm.

At that time, I was ready to look forward to the future.

I picked up each iPad in turn. I poked them. I turned them sideways. Their resemblance as family members is uncanny.

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However, remember that Apple already has put fragility into my mindalthough with one advertising causes hurt and distress at equal level.

So when I picked them up, I believed in the fragile new world.

Thinly veiled confusion?

Then I realized I made a mistake. Or maybe Apple already has.

One of the iPads that Apple has displayed along this charming row is actually Older 11-inch 10th generation iPad. According to my initial inspection, it looks exactly like the new 11-inch iPad.

They are right next to each other so it’s easy to compare. The device in my left hand is no heavier – in fact no thinner – than the one in my right hand.

Therefore, I am forced to look at product comparisons.

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The new 11-inch iPad is 0.03 pounds lighter than the 10th Gen. It’s 0.04 inches thinner.

Are any human hands and minds sensitive enough to feel the difference?

Maybe I wasn’t being fair. The 13-inch iPad Pro is the real Ozempic of the crop. It’s a full 0.08 inches thinner than the Gen 10, despite being a larger product.

Can I really appreciate the improvement? I can not. Both feel similar in weight, which suits the 13-inch Pro very well.

Still, I couldn’t resist checking out how much heavier it is than the 11-inch 10th Gen.

It’s 0.23 pounds heavier but 0.08 pounds lighter than the new 13-inch iPad Air.

I was sold

Maybe now you can see how confused I’m starting to feel. What are the benefits of the thinness that Apple is promoting? Is there any? And if you think it implies lighter weight, then why is something called the iPad Air heavier than something called the iPad Pro?

Of course, there are other specifications that potential buyers may be interested in. Perhaps the improved display matters most to you.

I wanted to talk to a helpful Apple store employee to experience the different ways they could enlighten me.

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Sadly, on this particular occasion, despite hanging around the iPad table for 15 minutes early in the morning, no store employee paid any attention to me. (This is despite the fact that I’m wearing a cool Ted Lasso T-shirt.)

However, Apple still sold me the 10th generation iPad — my colleague Jada Jones sold me the iPad. recordNow enjoy a slimmer price.

No, I don’t buy it.

You really want to talk to the store staff first, don’t you?

You know, they’re really good at coating it.

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