Honkai: Star Rail Jade Trailer Introduces Her as Lady Bonajade

Before her playable debut in Honkai: Star RailsHoYoVerse has released a new animated trailer for Jade, focusing primarily on her identity as Lady Bonajade. Those who have played version 2.3 will be familiar with the types of contracts Jade undertakes in this role.

You can watch Jade’s “Bonajade Exchange” trailer here:

It is also available in Mandarin Chinese, JapaneseAnd Korea.

In it, we see Jade making a deal with someone who seems to want her to be rich. While her deals seem fair, they tend to lead the contractor to bankruptcy. We can also see this in story 2.3, where those who make deals with Jade (Lady Bonajade) get what they want but the consequences seem huge from an outsider’s perspective.

Jade will be one 5 star quantum learning character in Honkai: Star Rails And like other characters, HoYoVerse has released many rickshaw introduces her playstyle and role. In the story, she is a Stoneheart IPC who appears on Penacony to help Topaz and Aventurine take over the place. In terms of her playstyle, she acts as a secondary DPS and support. Not only can she perform follow-up attacks, like her fellow Stonehearts Topaz and Aventurine, but she can also buff her allies or herself with her Skills.

Honkai: Star Rails To be available on PS5, Windows PC and mobile devices.

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