Megan Thee Stallion Trends After ‘Celebrity Family War’ (VIDEO)

Stallion Megan Thee recently appeared on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ and her time on the show has sparked a lot of reactions on social media.

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Megan Thee Stallion Makes Viewers Want to Get a Haircut with Steve Harvey

According to Daily mailA new season of the show debuted on ABC on Tuesday, July 9. The rapper, three of her friends, and her manager reportedly confronted Ne-Yo and his family. However, it was a moment between the rapper and host Steve Harvey that got social media talking.

Daily mail reported that in the episode, Harvey asked Meg to “name something that might have curves”.

“Me,” the rapper quickly replied before stopping herself.

Harvey responded by clapping rapidly, seemingly in agreement with Meg’s answer, while the crowd laughed and applauded.

The moment then went viral, garnering more than 270,000 likes and 6,000 comments on social media. Shade room Instagram.

Check clip below.

Another Rapper Moment Has the Internet Buzzing

According to sources, Meg and Ne-Yo were the first to go head-to-head on the ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ premiere. Harvey reportedly asked the pair to name one thing they do to each other’s feet.

Billboard Meg reportedly beat Ne-Yo to the buzzer, while Daily mail added that her answer, “Massage,” topped the list. Despite Meg’s achievement, the show’s question sparked a lot of reactions on social media.

EQUAL Shade room As previously reported, Tory Lanez was convicted and sentenced to prison after leaving Meg with a gunshot wound to the leg in a 2020 incident. Users shared their reactions on X, formerly known as Twitter.

While the reactions also poured in through Shade Room Comments.

Instagram user @_tysunraveling wrote,Normalization: ‘If they are not angry, then I AM NOT angry‼️’🙏🏾”

While Instagram user @danetrawilliams added,However, she handled it really well and you could see she was really excited and enjoying it!!”

Instagram user @ms_tee2u wrote, it’s a fucking game show, not deep. Megan doesn’t care 🙄”

While Instagram user @s.nashay added, oh my god i don’t even understand that ☠️ oh my god but i don’t think they meant any harm 🤣 but it’s a bit annoying”

Instagram user @thelovengs wrote, Damn, I forgot she got shot in 🦶🏽!! Haha, you guys are holding back, Meg isn’t in there.”

Megan Thee Stallion Recently Received an Apology From This TV Host

EQUAL Shade room As previously reported, Megan made headlines earlier this month along with another host, Shannon Sharpe. Sharpe apologized to the rapper for sexually explicit comments he made about her in November 2023.

“…I believe the joke wouldn’t be as funny if I didn’t mention you,” he told Megan on his ‘Club Shay Shay’ podcast. “So for any unwanted attention, harm, shame, embarrassment that I’ve caused you or your family, I want to say as a man, as I sit here in front of you, I’m sorry.”

Watch the moment below.

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