Lafanpan and Morlock get their moments in Handyman Saitou Volume 4

inside Maid Saitou in another world manga, it often seems like Saitou and Raelza have the most “airtime,” but the fourth episode shifts the spotlight to Morlock and Lafanpan. We get a much better understanding of both characters, which feels quite fresh. After all, Morlock’s forgetfulness sometimes makes him feel like a comic relief, while Lafanpan is sometimes overshadowed by stronger personalities.

Editor’s note: Contains spoilers Chap 3 Later Maid Saitou in another world comic below.

Much of the previous episode involved Saitou, Raelza, and Lafanpan’s quest to help restore Morlock. Due to circumstances, he was stuck on the boundary between life and death. On top of that, a Demon Lord that seemed to be able to endure anything the group threw at it was leading them. Because of the gift of power from a demon dog, designed to help protect its offspring, we get to see Morlock in his prime. His own power and that of the demon dog combine to give him this enhanced strength and vitality. So much so that his youth as well as his memory were restored.

It’s an amazing combination. Especially since Maid Saitou in another world The amount of manga leading up to this has been built up legends surround him. By this point in the series, we know exactly what Morlock can do in his prime. Now, we’re actually seeing it. It was quite an interesting scene.

However, this isn’t just about seeing Morlock at his strongest in Maid Saitou in another world. These moments here, when the group is facing a desperate situation, mean we are also seeing him at his moral and devotional best. Morlock at his best and best self. We see his love for Raelza, his adopted daughter, and the trust he has for Saitou. We see the care for the team and the lengths he is willing to go to protect them. Then there is the sacrifice he is willing to make for the good of others. It shows the depth he always had.

For Lafanpan, her moment in Maid Saitou in another world manga really gives her a chance to relax. We can enjoy her company, while she enjoys Saitou’s company. With the curse causing her to cringe if she isn’t constantly earning and offering gold, seeing her let go of her worries for a bit is a joy. It seems like she deserves a chance to have fun and relax. Plus, it also means we get to see more of Saitou’s genuine and kind personality, which is always a plus.

Although for the most part Maid Saitou in another world Volume 4 is dedicated to completing the plot from the previous arc in the manga, it also means an opportunity to truly connect with Morlock and Lafanpan in new ways. That’s appreciated because sometimes these two members of the group can be overlooked or are often seen as comic relief.

Volume 4 of Maid Saitou in another world To be available nowand Yen Press will release the manga’s fifth volume on August 20, 2024. Anime is streaming online Crunchyroll.

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