Jason Kelce goes viral after saying THIS about foot washing

Oh! Jason Kelce The internet was shaken after he made a statement about daily personal hygiene, especially regarding his feet.

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Jason Kelce responds to criticism about cleanliness

Jason Kelce kicked off June by clapping back at social media users. The retired Philadelphia Eagles player jumped on X, formerly known as Twitter, to ask a question after a social media user appeared to throw shade at him.

@Connichameleon2 wrote, “Jason Kelce does not appear to wash his feet or legs.” Jason responded to the statement by asking, “What kind of freak washes feet?”

Social media reacted to Jason’s statement

Kelce’s reaction caused some social media users to question his personal cleanliness and disagree with his statements. Some users also mentioned that the NFL player should wash his feet regularly since he has been spotted wearing flip-flops multiple times.

Jason is adamant about his hygiene practices

Meanwhile, Jason seemed unfazed by the backlash he received for suggesting he not wash his feet.

However, he re-emphasized his statement, explaining that washing every part of the body is neither practical nor healthy.

“You’ve all heard the devilish lies that washing every crevice of your body and hair all the time is somehow better or healthier. Any dermatologist who doesn’t use Big Soap will agree!! The hot spot is all that is needed and truly results in cleaner and healthier skin,” Jason explained.

But Jason’s latest comments only made social media users angrier. That response received nearly 699,000 views within a few hours. Some X users mocked his comments by disagreeing with him and asking what products he uses to maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle. See more reactions to Jason’s thoughts below.

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