Logitech Pro X 60 keyboard review: Best, brightest and smaller now

There is a luxury to efficiency. Doing as much as possible with as few resources as possible requires coming up with smart solutions that you might not need. That’s part of what makes Logitech’s G Pro X 60 keyboard so impressive. That’s a 60 percent variation of Our top keyboard picks but manages to keep nearly everything we liked about its bigger brother.

The 60 percent keyboard is one of the smallest, Most compact keyboard layout you can find. In addition to eliminating the Numpad like most TKL boards (including the G Pro row of function keys along the top.

If you need any of these buttons, you can access most of them by holding Fn and pressing one of the keys on a regular keyboard. Small indicators on the front of the keys let you know which button corresponds to which function, which is pretty typical for most 60% keyboards. However, much of what we liked about the original G Pro X TKL were the additional features Logitech added alongside the basics. Surely, those would have to be trimmed to fit such a low profile. Right? Unnecessary.

Smart space saving

One of my favorite keyboard features is also the one that most keyboards cut first when it comes to saving space: the volume wheel. The Pro X TKL has one in the upper right corner, which I can easily reach with my right hand. At first, I was a bit disappointed (if not surprised) to see this feature not available on the Pro X 60.

Side view of black computer keyboard with illuminated keys, a dial wheel on the side and a single all-white key on the...

Photo: Eric Ravenscraft

That was until I noticed a small dial on the left edge of the Pro X 60. The only other keyboard I tested placed the volume roller on the left edge and I love it for that. Logitech’s keyboard takes a more subtle approach than the previous NZXT model I used, embedding the volume roller into the side of the keyboard, where it’s easily accessible but out of reach.

Similarly, the Game Mode toggle is now a switch embedded on the right side of the keyboard, while on the Pro X TKL it’s a button on the top left. The Game Mode switch allows you to easily disable keys like the Windows button or context menu key that have no real effect in-game other than interrupting your gameplay right before you’re about to land a headshot. No, I’m not bitter.

Convenient connection

I’m glad for the physical buttons, as one of my favorite aspects of Logitech hardware is how easy they are to switch between devices. Pro X 60 supports corporate goals Connect at the speed of light—via a 2.4 GHz USB dongle—greatly reduces latency when compared to protocols like Bluetooth.

Along the back of the keyboard are two buttons to switch between Bluetooth and Lightspeed connections. They are easily accessible without hindrance. Personally, I like this position better than being right on the keyboard surface. Occasionally I accidentally swap devices on my main keyboard, leading to interruptions, but this placement makes the buttons convenient and less prone to errors.

Faster connections really only matter when you’re playing fast-paced games, but I play too much watch out 2, so low latency is important to me. However, I don’t care much when I want to switch to my laptop. So to do that, I can use a Bluetooth connection. With dedicated buttons on Pro X 60, with just one touch you can quickly switch to typing on another device.

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