Sony On Zelda live-action movie: Miyamoto has a truly “strong” vision

Shigeru Miyamoto
Image: Nintendo Life

The Legend of Zelda Live-action movies have been in the spotlight quite a bit over the past few weeksand now Sony has joined in, reiterating how “massive” it will be thanks to Shigeru Miyamoto’s “strong vision” for this particular world.

This is exactly what Sony Motion Pictures Group Chairman Tom Rothman said in an interview with Deadline – note how Super Mario Bros. Movie also benefited from the collaboration with Miyamoto and labeled him a “true genius” when it came to Zelda, as he knew the world and “understood it thoroughly”:

“Because the film is being developed and made in the closest possible cooperation with [Nintendo video game designer] Shigeru Miyamoto. He was truly a genius in that world and it was his strong vision that drove it. He created it and understood it thoroughly. Only you [have] to see the results of Super Mario Brothers look.”

During the initial announcement of the live-action film, it was revealed that Sony would co-finance the film, with Avi Arad (President of Arad Productions Inc.) working alongside Miyamoto.

Wes Ball (Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes) will direct the big-screen film. He has previously been noted to have followed Link’s adventures throughout his life. He also acknowledged the importance of the series and wants to “fulfill people’s greatest wishes”.

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