Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD looks pretty spooky in the new Japanese trailer

We are rapidly approaching release Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD ABOVE June 27 and, with the marketing campaign in full swing, Nintendo Japan has uploaded a trio of scary trailers to show us a little more chills and thrills in high definition.

The three short trailers all start with the same spooky Luigi animation — don’t worry, you won’t be watching the same one three times — but there are new clips thrown in there as well, showcasing some ghost encounters , spinning toilets, and an annoying mammoth you might remember from the OG 3DS version.

It all seems…well…like Luigi’s Mansion 2 — after all, this is the same game we know and love. Hey, at least the HD visuals shine during the cutscenes shown.

The trailer is only 30 seconds long (what can we say? We’re so excited to get Luigi!) and you can find the remaining two trailers below.

We still have a few weeks to go before Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD goes spooky on Switch, but there are plenty of pre-order options for those who want a copy now.

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