More Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD pre-order goodies have been revealed

I enjoyed the first mansion on the 3DS, when it released, but everything else after that except for a few bosses felt redundant and failed to capture the atmosphere and spooky designs more diverse and creative than the original GCN. However, I can check if it is actually locked at 60fps. At least that’s the main advantage it has over the LM3.

And what really sucks, and what this represents any That game is the ultimate when you take a trip down memory lane, all you can remember are bits and pieces of the game that you could tell were spilled 15 hours ago. It really upsets me.

Usually, reviewing gameplay footage online in addition to replaying the game itself will help unlock or bring back some of those memories, so that’s about it. But it’s never the same as how you play it.

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