Mountain Dew Gaming Big Sippin beat FFXIV Stormblood

Backside when May 2024 The Mountain Dew event began in FFXIV, Mountain Dew Gaming representative Big Sippin also appears in the game. Besides give away promotional itemsthat person is playing and they just beat Stormblood expansion.

Before these events, the Mountain Dew Gaming account will let everyone know when Big Sippin will be experiencing major tournaments. FFXIV missions and invite players to participate. On June 1, 2024for example, the account noted Big Sippin’s location on Eureka on Hyperion before arriving at Eureka and requesting assistance.

This is Mountain Dew Gaming’s introductory video FFXIV Stormblood Boss battle Big Sippin experienced on the way Bringer of darkness. Note that there are extensive spoilers in there.

As a reminder, this Mountain Dew crossover event with rewards only lasts until July 14, 2024. So it’s not cut right when patch 7.0 arrives and Dawn trail debut. People will still have the opportunity to buy drinks and earn items like the Mountain Zu mount once the update goes live. The Mountain Dew Gaming X account also regularly notes where Big Sippin is.

Final Fantasy XIV available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series Xand PC, and Dawn trail The expansion launches on July 2, 2024. The Mountain Dew event with the Mountain Zu mount runs until July 14, 2024.

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