Suda51 Unsure if Travis Touchdown Will Return, Admits It Wasn’t His “Call to Make”

Travis Touchdown

Goichi ‘Suda51’ Suda previously mentioned how Travis Touchdown from There are no more heroes The series has the possibility of returning one day, but in his latest interview, he wasn’t so sure about that.

Talking to our friends at Eurogamer during ‘MomoCon 2024’ last month, Suda51 noted that the rights to the series apparently still belong to Marvelous (and not his Grasshopper Manufacturing studio, who joined NetEase in 2021), so in case In case you don’t know about it – then his call is longer to make:

Suda51: “Honestly, even I didn’t know that. Of course I’d love to see him again, but honestly, it’s simply not my calling.”

As Suda noted, he’d still “love” to see Travis return one day. He is currently teaming up with Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro (Deadly omen) in a new game called Barcelona Hotel.

Some of Grasshopper’s previous works include: The shadow of the damned And Sweet saw blade are also coming back in the future.

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